All About Visiting Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a country that is surrounded by many Asian countries and most of its neighbors never fail to list it down on one of its top places to visit. As we know that the Disneyland is one of the main excuses for most of Asia to come and visit Hong Kong, but you have to remember that it is not the only thing that makes it the primary choice of most tourists to come and explore this highly populated Asian region.


In a tourist guide this is a place which is is highly recommended if you visiting Hong Kong for the first time. Although here in Hong Kong going around is not that difficult as there are various mode of public transportation it is likely that you might get lost if it is your first visit. The Hong Kong Disneyland is the place which is one of the main attractions in Hong Kong and definitely its one of the top spot since most tourist expressed that it is one of the main reason for their visit in this region. Entertainment and luxurious accommodation is on it’s peak which awaits any visitors who opt to visit and stay in this extremely popular theme park.

Ocean Park

Don’t forget the world class aquarium is the main star of the Hong Kong Ocean Park. Once you are exploring and watching this huge aquarium one will surely be amaze by the many interesting water creatures and the beauty that lie beneath our oceans which you never seen.

Avenue of Stars

Yes Indeed this is the avenue of stars for while you are enjoying the magnificent view of the harbour tower the icons on the film industry of Hong Kong lie beneath your feet and all around us. Most tours of tourists always never fail to make a stop at this most famous tourist attraction when visiting.

Clock Tower

Near the former British colony has a huge clock tower that stands proudly as a gentle reminder of the Age of Steam as well as its colonial heritage. Everyone should never miss to visit awesome this historic monument and have a few clicks as a remembrance of your visit.

Ladies Market

Well buying of goods always comes into mind of any tourist and there is no else better place to buy it than in the Ladies Market which is a kilometer long. It is in in Tung Choi Street. One will find many items to bargain that would definitely not be a burden on budget of buyers.

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