An Efficient Construction Crew Has More Than Just Workers

Being on a construction crew is like being on a team. Each person on the team has their specific job, and by working together with everyone else, it makes an efficient construction system. Tools are an important part of this system as well. Safety vests and lighted traffic cones play an important part. Even if they aren’t physically at the construction site, each person plays a vital role in getting a contract completed.

The Workers

The part of the construction team that most people are aware of are the actual workers themselves. While they are the ones in charge of actually erecting the building, they are in charge of may other things as well. Safety is one of the most important of these other responsibilities. One of the ways they protect themselves is by wearing ANSI Class 2 or Class 3 FHWA-certified safety vests, which help them stay visible on site.


Safety is of the utmost importance on construction sites. Everyone has to do their part to make the area as hazard-free as they can, but some people are professionals in this field. These construction safety educators provide safety classes, which can either orient new workers or reinforce knowledge in more experienced workers. In other cases, safety managers are hired. Through training construction workers on the specific potential hazards of a site, safety managers oversee much of the crew’s safety. In other cases, safety managers hire someone else to conduct the safety courses, either by hiring the previously mentioned safety educators or by using books and classes.

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Safety Gear

Safety gear is an integral part of construction, and by wearing the necessary safety vests, workers instantly reduce the risk of accidents. While safety vests are required, there are many other useful tools you can arm your workers with, such as lighted traffic cones, work gloves, hard hats, and more. Deciding to purchase these tools online in bulk can save you a lot of money and even time, since everything is available in one spot.

The Contractor

Another part of the team is the contractor. The contractor is overseer of most things on the site, including the important task of facilitating communication between all components of the construction team. Among these components is the individual, company, or government entity that wanted the construction done. The contractor provides the estimate, which includes cost of labor, equipment, and materials. If it’s a bigger job, the contractor often hires subcontractors to be in charge of smaller – yet still very important – tasks.


Engineers have a place in the construction team as well, as they are there to ensure construction plans, temporary buildings (like scaffolding and other early structures), and the final product are all as sturdy and secure as they need to be, as well as making sure means of transporting and lifting construction materials are stable and secure as well.


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