Anorexic Diet Tips – Some Advice For a Serious Situation

Anorexia is no joking matter. This is a disease that actually kills people. If you know someone who you think has anorexia make sure they get to a professional immediately so they do not do permanent damage to themselves. The main problem with the disease is that it is in essence a long term starvation diet. Lack of nutrition actually affects the person’s nervous system causing the rest of their body to go haywire. We have put together the anorexic diet tips so that people can learn what they must put in their bodies to bring it back to normal. Here is a list:

1. First they must make sure to have fiber. The main thing fiber does is regulate digestion. Things like oatmeal, fruits, vegetables and whole wheat products should be eaten regularly by the person.

2. Also they should be taking a supplemental dose of magnesium. You can find this at any store or health food store. It is a cushion against stress. Make sure they take this daily.

3. Also vitamins are essential in getting them back to normal. The main ones are B, E and Zinc. These should also be taken regularly.

4. Increase sugar consumption as well. Do not give them too much but increase it because it is essential.

Now this is not medical advice just some simple things that can help. These anorexic diet tips should come after you have seen a doctor. They will give you a list of things they must do and these will probably be on it along with actual doses.

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