Backup Generator For Electricity

With winter weather never ending, a backup generator for electricity is now being a must have for a lot of households. With no electricity for heat, the power being off for days, and also no way to cook a hot meal or get a hot bath, it is essential to start thinking of a backup plan even if it is for next winter or the new hurricane season that is coming soon.

The most important thing a family must remember if using a portable backup generator for electricity, is carbon monoxide poisoning. This is the generator that you stick in your garage or on your closed in deck. Open that garage door or your door to the deck to always have ventilation and fresh air.

Always fill up the generator with gas when it’s cold or cooling down, never hot. A person can definitely get burned. Think of a car radiator. A person doesn’t take the cap off when it’s hot. Do not ever let small children around the generator. Always use caution.

The types of generators now being used for modern types are the gas powered ones and now solar powered. For around $500 or less, a person can get an average generator. Just watch sales just like anything else a person buys.

If a person wanted to install a generator just like the heating and air unit outside, this is now possible for residential areas. It is still expensive, but the price is coming down with more and more homeowners insurance companies allowing it as part of the home insurance. Also, it is considered an asset and will value to a person’s home.

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The backup generator for electricity will run on an engine and can be hooked up to either propane or natural gas. When the power goes out, the generator comes on automatically by using an automatic transfer switch by sensing when power is restored and automatically turning itself off. This means now a person’s entire house would run if they had propane or gas for heat, the stove, and the hot water heater for example. With a portable one, it just depends on what is being needed. Refrigerator, space heater, or anything else will be run off of it. Again, it just depends how much is being spent and how big a person wants it.

Now, a safer alterative to a backup generator is solar power. They will not need gas to run, no moving parts, no dangerous fumes, and can actually run up to twenty-five years. It is actually revolutionary. It will not be for the whole house but can save a lot of electricity because it can be used for charging cell phones, plugging in the computer, or other household appliances when there is not a power outage.


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