Breast Cancer Support

Breast cancer is one disease that millions of women in the world have suffered. Although many have died, many have likewise survived. Some have continued to live happy, normal lives. These are women who have received breast cancer support.

A study was made between women who just had breast cancer surgery. One group regularly attended small meetings on issues related to health and treatment, the other group didn’t. Results showed that women who attended the small group meetings had improvements in their stress and anxiety levels as well as resistance to disease. No such improvement was seen with the other group. This shows the relevance of support in breast cancer treatment. Here are some sources of breast cancer support.

Your family

The family is the core of your support group. They are the people you live with, people who will always be there no matter what happens. It is important to have a loving and compassionate family especially during and right after treatment, when symptom relief is a major concern. Use this as an opportunity to have quality time with them. They can also join online support groups among family members of breast cancer patients, where they can get tips and share their experiences as well.

Your doctor

Your doctor does not only provide for your medical needs. Part of his job is to talk to you and let you understand your diagnosis as well as your treatment options. It is also important for him to be sensitive to your emotions, as this can be a rather emotional experience. This explains the need to have someone whom you have confidence in. Choose a doctor whom you are at ease with, who can tell you the options and consequences, and help you deal with them. Be open to him. Tell him what your apprehensions are prior to starting any form of treatment.

Your friends

These are people whom you’ve shared your life with, one time or another. It is never too late to reconnect with old friends. Some will reach out and ask how you are. You shouldn’t shun them. Instead, appreciate their gestures, no matter how small they may be. It can be an inspiring text message, an email, a bunch of flowers, or a short visit. Learn to make amends with people whom you’ve had conflicts with in the past. You will be amazed on how light and liberating you will feel afterwards. Friends may never know or understand what you’re going through, but it helps to know that they’re on your side in this crusade.

Your local support group

This is one substantial source of support because these people are breast cancer survivors themselves. You can learn from their experiences, the little battles of everyday life that they fight. Share ideas and tips with them. Build new friendships. Be a blessing to others, as you have been blessed and inspired by them.

Your online support group

For those who live in areas where there is no local breast cancer support group, joining an online support group is a good alternative. This is also ideal for those who are too shy to open up personally or find it inconvenient to go out and attend their meetings. Some find it more effective to put their thoughts and feelings into writing. You can post messages or start your own blog. Maintaining an online journal is a fun way to take note of your everyday experiences. In a way, it will help you monitor your health as well as emotional progress.

Breast Cancer Support is a Breast Cancer charity providing care, and helping breast cancer patients worldwide who can’t afford medication or treatment. We do not regard medicine and the ability to see a medical professional as a privilege but a basic human right everyone should have regardless of their geographical location.

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