Corporate Executive Apartments – Home Away From Home

Corporate housing is a well crafted hotel alternative, especially for those business people who need to travel for an extended period of time. At times they are even found to be staying over for months at a stretch. Corporate housing typically involves renting out a furnished apartment, condominium or house on a temporary arrangement to corporations or individuals. This has plenty of benefits over opting for hotel accommodations.

Normally, the charges for corporate housing are much less than the cost of a hotel. Added expenses of having to dine out are effectively avoided, now that you have your own well equipped kitchen taking care of your appetite. Expenses on local calls, high long distance surcharges, faxes, laundry services and paid movies associated with any hotel stay are also missing as they mostly come free with this package. It is no wonder that most corporate clients nowadays love these all inclusive rates and corporate housing and extended stays.

Comforts & Convenience come together

The bother of checking in and out is no more there. You could even fly back home for the weekend or call over the family to spend this time with you. This is most convenient because here you are able to have the best of home and hotel services brought together, on a single platform. Just because you are away from home, will no longer be able to take that precious feelings from you, which your stay at home invariably provides. In fact, you’ll find yourself enjoying this stay so much that you would like to invite your family over every time you can.

Some of these corporate hotel alternatives are situated in most luxurious buildings with 24 hour access to amenities like swimming pool, bowling alleys, theater room, fitness club, cards room, children’s park, and all available within the same building. I will recommend¬†The Santorini Condo

Maintaining Privacy

No matter how good it is, a hotel room is just another room, usually a commercial space of about 300 square feet. Compare this with a well furnished corporate housing condominium giving you anything from 600 to 1,300 square feet, with better amenities and services in residential areas, and at cheaper costs. You save money and gain on space at the same time.

You also are able to maintain your privacy with corporate housing as they come with separate bedrooms. This means that the children and parents can each sleep in their individual rooms comfortably, and not everyone has to turn in at the same time.

Work & Vacation at the Same Time

When you are working out of your corporate housing condominium, it shows. You are cool, confident and relaxed in your mind. You are at the peak of your performance, and, which will definitely leave telling signs in your business.

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