Cut Resistant Gloves – Safety in Your Hands

Cut resistant gloves are gears made up of different materials to protect against wounds and bruises while working. These apparels are commonly used in work places, where involvement with sharp edges, broken glass, and other such dangerous tools are used. These gloves are worn to protect one’s hands and keep it safe while working. These gears come in different materials, and cater to different jobs. Thus a person should select his or her gear, depending on the job they are doing.

This gear can also be used in the kitchen to protect your hands from any injuries. In such cases, these gears will not be made from materials which have to be used in industrial purposes. These gears have generally padding between the glove shell and the palm, which gives protection from any sharp tools.

If you are planning to buy such a gear here are some tips which will be helpful.

Material: Always check on the material used in the making of such a gear. Different material is used for different jobs. So make sure your gear has the material required for the job. Cotton provides very less protection, and is best used in home kitchens. Metal mesh gears are used for industrial purposes, where the worker is more prone to dangerous objects. Leather gears provide an average protection against sharp objects.

Padding: There are different layers of padding inside the gear, and one must carefully choose them considering the amount of flexibility needed in the job. Thick padding will provide lesser flexibility, while thinner padding will provide more flexibility. I will recommend cut resistant glove

Grip: Grip is the most important feature in such gears, because you might be dealing with objects which are smooth and slippery, and you cannot take off your gear to handle them. Thus you need to pick something which gives enough control to hold all objects.

Fit: Last but not the least, proper fitting gears are very important as they are now like your hands and you need to do a lot of things with your gear on. Hence, if the glove is too loose, you will not be able to have a good grip.


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