Express Yourself With Bold Vinyl Decals!

A vinyl wall decal is a decorative, dramatic touch on an otherwise sad, plain wall. Once installed, vinyl decals take on the appearance of paint, but without the mess and impeccable artistry that goes into painting graphics on a wall. Best of all, when you get tired of looking at cherry blossoms or giraffes, you can simply peel off the decal and install another without damaging the wall.

An Endless Variety

Vinyl wall decals can be anything and everything you can imagine. They are available in pre-made and custom-made designs, and sport a verity of finishes. A mirrored wall decal can be hung in lieu of a heavy, framed mirror to create a dramatic effect. A series of large mirrored circle decals on a large wall or a wall covered entirely with mirrored vinyl tiles makes a bold design statement. Chalkboard and whiteboard decals in any shape or size can be utilized as a message center on doors, as a playful, interactive decoration in a child’s room or as an ongoing grocery list in the kitchen. Imagine a wall filled with glow-in-the-dark vinyl decals shaped like stars and planets, dragonflies or elaborate, detailed fish. Fill a wall with vinyl text reciting your favorite poem or song lyrics, or a kitchen full of cupboards that display often-made recipes in vinyl. A wall decal can be extremely detailed, such as an intricate peacock, or boldly graphic, such as a single letter or a fleur de lis. The possibilities are endless. I will recommend¬†best Calgary decals printing company

Decorating Ideas with Vinyl Decals

The best thing about vinyl decals is the ability to customize them to fit your design aesthetic and your interests. If you can’t get enough of the Civil War, vinyl decal Gatling gun! If you’re into marine biology, vinyl aquarium! Obsessed with architecture? Vinyl arches, gargoyles or columns! Consider the decor of your home. Sleek, stark modern decor could feature a dramatic, charcoal-painted wall full of graphic white cherry blossom branches. A modern stainless-steel kitchen might feature a graphic line-rendered decal of a whisk or a wine bottle. More homey decor can take advantage of the wide range of colors available in vinyl decals and create a wall of colored polka dots or gigantic pink poppies. Cover your child’s room in beautiful insects, flowers, trees, owls or giraffes; gussy up your own bedroom with relaxing swirls and artistic pin striping. Design a vinyl decal headboard or fill a wall with a vinyl dreamscape featuring bold, exotic trees. Whatever you can dream up, you can have it made in vinyl.

Installing Your Vinyl Decal

Clean your wall with a damp rag to remove dust. Unroll the decal and place it on a flat surface. Use the smoothing tool that comes with your decal to rub the entire surface, ensuring that the decal itself is well-attached to the transfer tape. Hold the decal up to your wall and make a guide mark where the corners of the decal should be placed for installation. Peel the backing off the top fourth of the decal and apply it to the wall, smoothing it out from the center to the sides. Continue peeling off the backing slowly, smoothing out the decal as you go. Use the smoothing tool to firmly rub the vinyl decal against the wall. Slowly peel away the clear transfer tape from top to bottom. Wipe down your decal with a dry cloth and enjoy.

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