Family Planning & Why it is so Necessary

Basically family planning is the act of deciding the number of children a couple willing to have. Children do not come to a person’s life as an accident but they come to the life as a result of careful decisions and the implementation.

In planning the number of children many factors should a couple consider before deciding anything that are: monthly income, social background, quality of the education that you can give. If you can consider yourself to be the best in all the matrices you should have a baby then.

Family planning should be done very accurately and should consult a doctor in this because they will test your body and then he or she can advise weather you should have a baby or not.

Actually before a baby a boys body should be fit to do all the steps to have a baby and a girl body should be fit enough to give a birth. It’s all a very difficult and time taking method and if your wife is not fit w.r.t to health her life is own risk during giving birth to the baby.

If the doctor gives you advice to cancel having a baby then you should manage your family planning accordingly. There are plenty of means to stop having baby. Which every couple uses if they consider that they are not fit for having a baby.

That may be the financial crisis or can be a doctor advice. Because financial problems is also a big factor to stop having baby, the reason behind is that the man cannot handle the expenses so he tries to not have a baby again so that he will not have to pay for more school fees and other health and daily expenses.

So the conclusion of this all article is that every person before having baby should consult a doctor because he/she can give a better advice.

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