Follow Up Letter After an Interview

A follow up letter should be more than a thank-you-for-the-interview letter. You should get the most out of the letter by outlining the core competencies that are important for the open position, mentioning the successes you achieved throughout your career, and reiterating your interest for the job.

When you put effort into your letter, the interviewer will get a sense of your enthusiasm for joining the team. In addition, the letter provides another opportunity to sell your qualifications. For all you know, the decision maker could have interviewed hundreds of candidates, and although you may have performed well, he or she may not remember key pieces of the conversation because they have spoken to many applicants. It is up to you to remind the interviewer of the discussion so when it is time to make a decision, your name is on the forefront of his or her mind.

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Below is a sample thank you letter you can use as a guide when creating your own.

(Bonus tip: at the end of the interview, ask the interviewer for a business card so you have the correct spelling of his or her name and their personal email address where you can send the letter.)

Sample Thank You Letter


(Name of Hiring Manager, Title)
(Name of Company)
(City, State Zip)

Dear (Mr. or Ms.)(Last Name):

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me on [date]. Your enthusiasm for [name of department] was contagious, and I look forward to joining your team. During our discussion, I gained in depth knowledge of how the requirements for the position align with my experience. Below are the top three competencies we touched upon, along with my experience with each.

– Self-Motivated & Goal-Driven – I attended college fulltime while simultaneously working as a dental assistant. Result: Honed several competencies, including an understanding of medical terminology and partnering with physicians to coordinate patient services.

– Client Growth & Retention Strategies – Deliver strong patient care to ensure client service levels exceed expectations. Result: Increased patient visits, boosted referral rate, and created an inviting environment where patients feel valued.

– Persuasive Communications – Reinforce doctor recommendations and implement attentive listening skills and follow-up techniques. Result: Establish credibility by conveying complex medical information.

Based on my accomplishments and our conversation, there seems to be a good fit between me and [name of company]. As such, I remain interested in putting my talents to work for the [name the department.

Please let me know if you have additional questions. I can be reached at [your contact information].

Your Name


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