Great Thinking Requires Great Action

There are four levels of people I have come across:

1. Those that don’t think (poor thinking) and don’t take actions.
2. Those that don’t think (poor thinking) and they take action (always wrong actions).
3. Those that think (great thinking) and don’t take actions, or take wrong actions.
4. Those that think (great thinking) and take great actions.

It is actually true that some people are not where they are supposed to be today as a result of either not thinking at all or poor thinking, and there are people that think and bring out good ideas and still nothing positive is coming forth. A great thought without the right decisions to match the thoughts is just like time wasted over nothing which is the same as not thinking at all. A bad thinker with the enthusiasm to take actions cannot get anything positive from that action because it came out as a result of bad thinking.

Just the way good seeds bring forth good fruits and bad seeds bring forth bad fruits, so also great ideas bring forth good rewards and bad ideas bring forth bad rewards. Note that the good seed does not plant itself on the fertile soil; some actions and precautions must have been taken to plant the good seed on a fertile soil, nurture the seeds until they grow to bring out matured fruits. The seed being good does not mean that they would not be faced with challenges that might hinder it from bringing forth good fruits, but adequate actions helps to overcome such challenges.

Your quality of valuable thoughts must be equal to your quality of valuable action. Some category of people have great ideas but the highest they have gone so far is to write it down, look at it for a while and throw it into the trash bin, giving excuses that they are too busy to work on it now, they would do it some other time, they don’t think they can get the available resource to work on it and so many other reasons. I must say you must share your thoughts online

I am sure you are thinking, of how you can start thinking right, and how you can match these great thoughts with greater actions:

Join me as I highlight eight (8) basic steps to take:

1. The first step is to decide to take your life serious; you must be willing to start using your time to produce meaningful thoughts. You must be ready to make those thoughts come out of you consciously and willingly. Task your brain, look within, there are so many good thoughts inside of you, provoke those thoughts, bring them out and let’s move to the next step.

2. Write down these great thoughts. The main reasons why your thoughts are best written down is the fact that you cannot put actions on all your thoughts at once, but you can actually write them down and go back to them when you are through with the one you are currently working on.

3. Make plans on how to achieve this thought. Look at the positive and negative sides of these thoughts. What would make this thought work out, and what would make it not to work out, and what possible steps can I take to ensure that I convert these negatives to positives. At this point, these thoughts become IDEAS and PLANS.

4. Do everything possible to fight of negative thoughts that tell you that you cannot achieve this ideas and plans. Always be filled with positivity and never make spaces for reasons why you would not be able to achieve these thoughts after concluding that these thoughts can be converted to ideas. Never give excuses because each excuse you make gives you a reason to give up.

5. Rub minds with like minds. One of the major factors affecting positive action taking is the people you meet and discuss your ideas with along the way. If you decide to meet people that don’t have plan for their own life, they would definitely make you like them but if you decide to meet people that have decided to make and take their life serious then you are on the course of taking the right decision.

6. Make friends with people that can help you achieve these plans. These are people that would give you part of their time, part of their human resources, part of their strength, part of their reasoning, advice, ideas and plan to ensure that you achieve this idea of yours. Join forces with them and work hand in hand to achieve all your ideas.

7. Determine to put all the necessary actions required to achieve this thoughts. Like I said earlier if you don’t match your thoughts with ideas, it can never be as successful as planned. Give it what it takes because it is worth it. At this stage, you have gone too far to stop now, all you need to do is put all the necessary action required for success and ensure that you take the right steps when taking this actions.

8. Put your entire plan before God. Great thoughts and greater actions might take you far, but divine revelation from God would take you farther than where your abilities can take you. Divine revelations from God bring ideas that give you divine speed, supernatural success and unmerited breakthrough. There is no genuine success without the magnificent power of God.

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