How Does Popcorn Pop

Popcorn is an amazing food product. It is very interesting and has always been enjoyed for its exciting pop as well as its marvelous and varied taste.

The way popcorn pops is unlike anything seen in other food. Its self contained goodness is another great marvel of this popular snack.

With all the questions about how popcorn becomes a tasty treat you need to read on. The answers may surprise you and they may make you look at popcorn in a different way.

The Basic Science

Popcorn has a unique design. Inside kernels of popcorn is a small amount of water. This water content distinguishes popcorn from other corn varieties. It is the water that makes the popcorn pop.

The water inside the kernel heats up as the kernel is heated. It turns to steam which puts pressure on the outside of the kernel. Eventually the outside can not withstand the pressure and it pops open.

When it pops the insides of the kernel explode out, turning the kernel inside out. The contact with the air makes the explosion freeze and thus popcorn is created.

Without the proper amount of moisture or even heating the kernel will not pop.

Getting the Most from Popcorn

There are actually more things then just the water content and the heating that affect popcorn popping. In fact here are some more details on how popcorn pops:

– Storage can affect the kernels because the kernels can dry out.

– The popcorn needs even heat or it will not allow the insides to ‘cook’ and the result will be a less than stellar piece of popcorn.

– When popcorn is old it dries out.

– If popcorn is not able to heat up to the correct temperature it will not pop.

Facts About Popcorn Popping

Popcorn needs the right environment and the right cooking, as you have learned. Once popped the popcorn should be flaky and light. I will recommend gourmet popcorn seasoning

All popcorn is white when popped in its natural state. Dyes and flavoring can change this.

There are two types of popcorn – mushroom and butterfly. Mushroom is a dense, compact popcorn and butterfly is a flaky, large popcorn. Mushroom popcorn holds up under heavy flavors like caramel and chocolate. Butterfly popcorn is most often used for lighter toppings or to be eaten plain.

As you can see you need to make sure you are giving the popcorn a great popping environment. Here are the top things you need to do:

– Keep popcorn in a sealed container in a dry storage area.

– Use popcorn before it gets too old.

– Do not freeze or refrigerate popcorn.

– Use an even heating source that will be able to reach the temperature needed to pop the kernels.

– Do not over bake the popcorn, not all kernels will pop.


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