How Does Wireless Internet Work – Four Ways to Establish Wireless Connection to the Internet

Have you ever asked yourself the question: How does wireless Internet work? In this article you could find out more about four ways to establish wireless connection to the Internet – Mobile wireless internet, WiFi internet service, Internet access using WiMAX solution and Satellite Internet wireless access. To explain how does wireless Internet work let’s find out what is wireless internet. Wireless access is a connection to the Internet without any cables. Between your computer and internet provider it is a wireless radio signal. There are four main examples to use this kind of connection:

1) Mobile wireless internet

Mobile network operators are offering you a voice calls, but in the same time you could use their mobile wireless internet service. All new mobile phones have the option to connect to the Internet. They also have an ability to use the WiFi access. When you are between your home wireless router or WiFi hotspot, the best is to use the WiFi technology. In the rest of the cases, you could connect to the Internet with mobile wireless internet connection. There are also Cellular wireless cards usually with USB or PCMCIA connectors which you connect to the appropriate port on your PC. Thanks to them you could surf on the web and check your emails. GSM and CDMA connects you to the speed of 9.6 kbps, GPRS have transfer rate of 114 kbps, EDGE up to 384 kbps. UMTS are allowing you speed of maximum 2Mbps and HSDPA maximum bandwidth is 42Mbps. To answer on a question how does wireless Internet work, we need to explain other ways which are allowing us to use the internet without cable.

2) WiFi internet service

For WiFi internet you need to use the Wi-Fi providers. The biggest problem with the WiFi it does not have as big range as mobile operators do. WiFi or wireless fidelity refers to the wireless networks that use IEEE 802.11 WLAN standards – 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n. These standards are defining a wireless signals used for the connection between the wireless access point or wireless router and WiFi cards. WiFi technology is also called a WLAN or wireless local area network – Wireless LAN. This technology is the first what usually came up to my mind, when somebody asks me – how does wireless Internet work. Its quality, speed and features bring WiFi as the top of all ways to achieve internet without the cables.

3) Internet access using WiMAX solution

WiMAX forum has formed IEEE 802.16 standard called Wireless MAN. WiMAX technology or Wireless MAN has the bandwidth of 70 Mbps with maximum range of 112 kilometers or 70 miles. Wireless MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) covers a bigger range than WLAN (WiFi). WiMAX solution has two types of subscriber units: Indoor units and Outdoor units. Indoor units have a lower range than outdoor units. Outdoor units need a professional installation and they are much more expensive, but they are offering wider range. WiMAX technology is much more expensive than a WiFi and this is the reason why WiFi is much more widespread than WiMAX.

4) Satellite internet wireless access

With this technology we will cover the most popular internet connections without wires and by now you get the feeling of all these various technologies and you know how does wireless Internet work. Satellite is the perfect solution for remote and rural areas and it is the only way to achieve a broadband internet. Beside big expense, the big delay caused by huge range that this kind of signal needs to travel, is the biggest disadvantages of this solution.

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