How to Learn Business Chinese

As people begin to realize the opportunities that exist within the Asian business today, more and more people want to learn business Chinese. Fluency not only in Mandarin Chinese, but in the language of business allows speakers an almost immediate entry into a lucrative and exciting world that is closed off to so many. Those who learn business Chinese equip themselves with the skill that is much in demand and very rare.

It’s important to remember that business Chinese is really just an extension of Mandarin Chinese. There is no secret code that allows you to access the business language of Mandarin while bypassing the basic grammar and vocabulary. Although you might prefer to learn the words for “company” and “merger”, you don’t want to get lost when a Mandarin speaker asks you if you have already had lunch today.

Make sure that you learn conversational Chinese first. Place an emphasis on the more formal words that others might pass over. You will want to be able to address people using as formal form as possible. Try to build a balanced vocabulary that is comprehensive enough to cover any variety of the simple topics that might come up. Also, make sure that you have the language to express who you are and what you do. Include vocabulary that concerns your hobbies and interests, especially if they are something that might be valuable for business, like golf.

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There are a number of ways to learn the Chinese language, but by emphasizing conversational Chinese you will be able to improve your accent and sentence structure. Even if you have no immediate intention to learn business Chinese, having good conversational Chinese skills will impress people and make them feel more comfortable around you. When Chinese speakers are not constantly struggling to understand your accident and phrasing, you are already fluent in their books.

Once you have mastered basic conversational Chinese opportunities open up to you to expand your vocabulary into business Chinese. Again, try to find programs or tutorials that will help you emphasize the conversational. Although at a later time might find great benefit in reading books about business Chinese, don’t rush to that point. It is more valuable to you to learn business Chinese that you can use in a conversation. Just as English has its own words for specific business concepts, Chinese has a lexicon of business terminology that will take you more than enough time to learn.

The opportunities are great for those who decide to learn business Chinese. It takes a little time and helps if you already have a business background, but it is possible for anyone. All you need to do is keep a solid focus you can on your goals, said a learning schedule that you can keep, and find opportunities to speak to native speakers. In less time than you think you will be able to speak business Chinese.


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