Inspiration + Effort + Stay Focused = Success

Each and every one of us has our own goal, we want to achieve something in our life, we want to chase our dreams, to go after them and be SUCCESSFUL. But the big question is how do we do it? Is there a formula for it? Am I putting enough effort? Is there a right timing to do it? Does time matter? And the list of questions can go on and on, but don’t we stop and actually tell ourselves that instead of asking so many questions on how to be successful, should I just start doing something? The time we waste from searching for answers, we should just use it to take actions. Start doing things NOW, not later, not tomorrow, NOW. I came up with a formula to reach success in life, INSPIRATION + EFFORT + STAY FOCUSED = SUCCESS.

In order for us to get ready in reaching our goals and dreams, we first have to have our INSPIRATION. Who and what can be our inspirations? It can either be our family, friends, partner, spouse, children or we may want to have a new car, new house, gadgets, a £30k worth of watch etc. All the hindrances, distractions and obstructions we come to face along our journey in reaching our goals and dreams don’t matter as long as we’re inspired, our inspirations keep us going. Sometimes the people who inspires us or the things that inspires us may let us down, but this doesn’t mean we have to give up in reaching our goals and dreams, find someone else or something else or let it inspire you to do more, to strive harder and prove them wrong. Have you found your inspiration?

Now, let’s talk about effort. How much effort do we put in? Is our effort enough to achieve what we want? Effort means a vigorous or determined attempt to do something. Without effort we are not going anywhere, we need to put in effort to be where we want to, we need to put in effort to get what we want. Imagine a seed how it breaks through the soil and be a nice plant but without the effort, the appropriate amount of time, sun and water, it won’t grow. The same thing with our dreams and goals, if we don’t put in effort, like giving our time, if we give a little bit, it will take longer to be where we want but if we put the right amount of time and effort, we will see the changes faster. So, I ask you now, are you willing to put in the right amount of time and effort to reach your goals and dreams?

Focus, what is focus? How do we stay focus? Do we need to stay focus to get where we want to? By definition, focus means the centre of interest or activity. In life, if we want to succeed, we focus on the things that we want to be and want to get. If we want something we need to focus only on that certain thing, we shouldn’t let anything or anyone hinder or distract us. We need to stay in track or else we will just be in the loop of starting and getting distracted, then we start again then get distracted, this scenario will repeat over and over again and we don’t want that. We won’t go anywhere if we stay in the loop, ignore distractions, and STAY FOCUSED. An athlete only thinks of winning, he only concentrates on the finish line, he thinks he’s the only one in the track. If we want to reach our dreams and goals we should stay focused on it and avoid being in the loop. Set our minds on what we want.

These principles apply in our day to day life, but also in a business, whatever this business would be you always have to have a plan, inspiration, put in the effort and stay focused. Building a business requires a lot of work and building a Successful Business requires even more effort and focus. We see new business being launched every day and it has been like this for a very long time. Think about Henry Ford, Karl Benz and all of the other big car builders in the past, everyone thought they were crazy for building a car… But they had their INSPIRATION, they STAYED FOCUS on what they want and they PUT IN THE EFFORT and today we all enjoy our cars. I must say Modafinil n FDA approved, cost effective pill, that is quickly becoming one of the World’s most popular brain enhancing methods.

If you want to find out more about building an online Business, find your INSPIRATION and learn to STAY FOCUSED or even if you already have your own business but you haven’t found the perfect formula to make it work and give you freedom, please don’t hesitate and sign up here and learn more about Building an Online Business.

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