Men Don’t Shop, Do They?

Of course, like what women do, men have always been purchasing goods for their needs and wants. But, there is a difference. Most women shop for pleasure. Women love to grace through the isles of clothing in search of the perfect outfit. For men, it is far from this. Men shop because they have not, not because they want to. Unlike women, men rarely go to the mall simply because they want a new outfit. Men go to the mall to look at the electronics and girls. Occasionally, when a guy notices a hole in his shirt he might consciously think that it is time to replace it. Other than for replacement, men do not shop for fun.

Does this have something to do with social roles? Is shopping defined so that it destroy the masculine image of men? Should men that go shopping be necessarily seen as males who preferred otherwise for their gender?

Even before the development of western civilization, people already abide to gender roles. If not with some biological differences, particularly sex organs and hormones, men and women are alike. Masculinity and femininity were concepts developed to promote discrimination of sexes. Civilization, though, did not change these roles, but patronizes them for more important reasons.

However, the modern era certainly opens its door to the beautiful world of gender equality. With the sky-rocketing advancement of technology, gender roles become less apparent and less true. In a very simple term, if woman can shop with all her heart out, then man can do it as well. However, some negative notions about men who shop like how women do still cannot be contained.

Men, who are not ready to conquer these negative notions about men taking feminine roles, find kindness from online stores which definitely makes their shopping convenient and private as much as they want it. Over the internet, men could just click a few buttons and whoa- Men can find what they want to buy!

Men typically want to be direct, thus finding exactly what they need as soon as possible. And if you are the type of man who doesn’t want delays or unnecessary steps to reach the aim, then online shopping is perfect for you. It’s going to be hassle-free and time-saving if you choose door-to-door delivery to get your items. Instead of hopping from one store to another just to find exactly what you’re looking for, shop online!

Shopping websites are already designed to make your life easier. One can check the availability of sizes, styles, designs, materials and other details about the product. Especially if you’re buying neckties, it would be the perfect way to shop.

But, how about fitting? Men don’t usually fit their clothes when they buy it. After all, they are not women. Most women would like to look at themselves in the mirror first to make sure that they have the best buy. Men, on the other hand, do not often go inside a fitting room when they purchase garments. As long as they got the right size and design, men don’t try the clothes they buy.

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