Cannabidiol (CBD) has been enjoying increasing amounts of attention as people learn more about its incredible possibilities as a supplement. With so many articles and research studies being written about CBD, you might think that this consumable is a recent discovery. It is true that many of the CBD extraction and packaging methods use cutting-edge technologies but the use of CBD in its hemp oil form goes back farther than most people realize.

In the 2010’s the public began to see what a profound effect CBD oil could have treating a variety of life threatening aliments, especially in children. A prime example of this is a young family from Missoula Montana, using CBD oil to treat their 20 month old son, Cash Hyde, who had been diagnosed with brain cancer in 2010. Hyde’s condition was worsening and his tumor inoperable. After exhausting every treatment option, including 30 rounds of intensive radiation, Ketamine, Methadone and Morphine treatments, the Hyde family had hit their limit. Nothing had worked. In an effort to give his small child some relief, his father did what was thought to be “crazy”at the time, and gave him a highly concentrated cannabis extract, not knowing what else to do. After the first treatment, Hyde’s State IV brain tumor had shrunk. Although it was considered unorthodox, Mike Hyde was applauded by medical professionals and even spoke with the press in hopes of shedding the light on how CBD oil is literally a lifesaver. Cash Hyde lived for another two and a half years, passing away after the State of Montana made a change in legislation that impaired the family from easily accessing the cannabis oil their son needed.

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Perhaps the most prolific case of CBD oil and it’s success is the 2013 story that achieved national press. Charolette Figi is a 3 year old Colorado girl who suffered 300 grand mal seizures every week. Like the Hyde family, her parents thought they had tried everything, including a heavy regime of pharmaceutical drugs and painful procedures that still did not ease her condition. Her parents had watched a documentary of one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries in California centered around testing their strains of CBD and other cannaboid content. The California center testing was one of the first public assertions that cannabis was safe to ingest and use for a variety of medical purposes. CBD rich oil was able to treat 99% of the young girls seizures, and CNN aired a 2013 special on marijuana and it medicinal effects.

These are just a few specific instances that show how effective CBD oil can be, laying the groundwork for CBD oil being recognized as a justifiable medicine for a variety of ailments. As a result, many states are passing legislation rapidly allowing CBD oil to be used in numerous clinical studies as treatment plans. Research continues to back up it legitimacy and programs are being funded globally to continue the studies.



Many people are surprised when I tell them that one of my secret marketing tools is Craigslist. The fact is that I have used Craigslist to successfully promote everything from products to services, and I have successfully launched two business, one a service business and the other an online MLM program, ONLY using free Craigslist advertising.

Advertising on Craigslist is profitable for nearly any business offering products. Whether these products are offered through ecommerce internet sites or physical stores, the entrepreneurs can see monetary gains through advertising on Craigslist. With the exception of employment listings and housing postings in particular markets, advertising is free on Craigslist. Users are asked to accept the particulars of service of the community and are predicted to follow explicit axioms when posting adverts but there are no finance obligations to those placing ads on Craigslist.

This suggests people who post adverts don’t need to be engaged with whether the advert they put will meet their expectancies for new sales generated. Reaching possible customers on Craigslist is a different reason why posting adverts for products on Craigslist is so productive, because their is the possibility of reaching a huge audience of possible clients. An appraisal of the Craigslist report uncovers relevant info referring to the quantity of traffic the site receives. According to this info Craigslist receives roughly 4 bill page impressions every month with 10,000,000 folk using Craigslist each month. From this statistical data it’s very clear that ads placed on Craiglist are probably going to receive at least some attention from potential clients.

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With so many visitors using Craigslist every month the advertising chances are limitless nonetheless, there aren’t any guarantee any of these visitors will be curious about your goods. Like any promotional program, your ads on Craigslist must be fascinating, educational and in a spot where you’ll hit your target audience. Finding Your audience on Craigslist we have debated the amount of visitors using Craigslist each month but the key to exploiting these numbers is to target your promotion in a way directed at reaching your target audience vs a wide audience of people who’ve no categorical interest in your products.

It is far more worth it to reach a little audience of those with an ardent interest in your goods and services than to reach a much larger audience of those individuals who aren’t interested. People who have an interest in your goods are your target market. Craigslist has a particular section for enterprises to publicize their services. This section is broken down into numerous classes. Those that are in the business of computer maintenance would be smart to put their announcement in the PC section vs the automobile section because people hunting for PC help will naturally migrate to the PC section. It may infrequently be suitable to put an advert in more than one section.

This is satisfactory as long as it doesn’t cross the line to spamming the section. If there isn’t a particular section for the products offered by your business there are a few of options. Entrepreneurs can place an advert in the section for small company adverts where it could be found by those doing a search in this section. They may be prepared to oblige if they suspect this class warrants an addition.

The Difference between Advertising and Spamming Advertising on Craigslist is one thing but spamming is sort of another. Placing an ad in an appropriate section of Craigslist is sufficient nonetheless, putting the same announcement in almost each section of Craigslist web sites for a variety of different geographical regions is considered spam. Spam is ineffectual for a bunch of reasons. Also, if Craigslist detects the practice of spamming they may remove all the postings and could possibly ban adverts from the individual in the future.



For many people, having to face the public is no easy activity. Yes indeed, we do have shy people among us who for, whatever reason, find it hard to interact and socialize with their fellow citizens. Many people prefer to be solitary in their being and lifestyle. There are however, persons who are not necessarily shy but who still find facing the public to be a chore. Some physically handicapped persons have a hard time coming to grips with their dilemma and find staying away from public view to be the preferred option. There are some people who have a physical deformity and find shunning the public sphere to be preferable. Then there are those who may have a simple physical blemish that is temporary but who still feel uncomfortable in public.

In referring to the last category of persons, this writer wishes to submit that there are many acne sufferers who do indeed feel uncomfortable in public. Acne sufferers for the most part, only suffer temporarily since the huge majority of acne cases can be remedied. A very effective remedy comes in the form of acne facials which not only bring much relief to acne sufferers but also can prove to be very relaxing and refreshing.

The effectiveness of acne facials has a lot to do with how serious the acne condition is in the first place. The person’s general state of health also impacts on the effectiveness in that if the person’s immune system is not performing at its optimum, then the body’s ability to rejuvenate is compromised. This reality will hamper efforts on the part of the skin to renew itself quickly. However, all things being equal, acne facials will create the desired conditions for the facial skin to renew itself, by reducing the amount of oil present on the facial tissue and by unclogging the pores of the face, freeing them of debris, bacteria and harmful contaminants.

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Getting acne facials has been made easier by the fact that the hospitality industry has recognized the need for such services and has responded with a plethora of spas and health centers offering acne facials and the like. So instead of having to go to a dermatologist in some office where the atmosphere is very strict, businesslike and serious, you can have your acne facial in the vibrant surroundings of a spa where pampering and customer service are the order of the day.

Whether you choose to go to a spa or to seek out the assistance of a dermatologist, what is important is that the person performing the acne facial treatment is qualified. Any procedure involving the skin must be viewed as a serious endeavor, especially when the skin to be manipulated is located on the face. The face is what mostly defines you as a physical being. An identification card does not seek to capture a picture of your hand or foot. It is your face that is the most distinctive feature of your body. So why would you risk damaging the most distinctive part of your body?

I am sure many would proffer that acne facial treatments are safe and that acne facial masks are even sold in stores so customers can perform facials in the comfort of their homes. The point is that facials are generally safe but strange things do happen. When you are dealing with a skin problem that involves possible severe inflammation of the skin, is it really wise to take chances? One allergic reaction to some substance in the mixture forming the mask can suddenly turn a seemingly safe procedure into a facial disaster.



Although the wily jungles of Indonesia are slightly tamer than the days of the Borneo headhunters, there are still many options for the modern day thrill seeker. Whether trekking in the jungles and mountains of the vast archipelago, diving in some of the most biologically diverse waters in the world, or visiting with some of the few remaining tribal groups in the world, Indonesia can still live up to its unfettered past.

From the snow capped peaks of Papua to the smoking volcanoes of Java, Indonesia presents any trekker with a wide array of choices, regardless of skill level. The further a field you plan to go, the more valuable you will find using a tour agency to arrange your trip. Tour agencies often get better deals on national airline tickets and can arrange for transportation and accommodation in areas where such amenities are scarce. Papua, the easternmost province of Indonesia, is unfortunately experiencing periods of civil unrest, so be sure to get updated information if you plan to set off there. The snow covered Carstensz Pyramid, locally known as Puncak Jaya, is the highest mountain in Papua. Please note – the trek up Carstensz Pyramid is for the experienced climber. For those looking for something challenging, but without the need for carabineers, try the third highest peak in Papua, Trikora Mountain. Indonesia requires all trekkers in Papua to obtain a climbing permit, usually arranged by your tour company. Trekking can be combined with a visit to one of the few remaining tribal groups on the island to experience first hand the wonder of what it means to live off the land.

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If you like diving, the blue waters of Indonesia, teeming with marine life of all shapes and colors, are not to be missed. Some of the best diving in the world is found in Indonesia and options come in all price ranges, from a quick dip off the coast of Bali to a two week liveaboard that will take you to areas otherwise inaccessible. Among the most popular dive spots for those wanting easy access, as well as beach resorts, is Bunaken Island off the coast of North Sulawesi. Bunaken has suffered some damage to its coral reefs from blast fishing, but much is still alive or recovering through the efforts of local conservation groups. If you prefer a liveaboard, there are many operators to the Komodo Islands, Sulawesi’s Wakatobi and Lembeh Strait, Flores, and Alor, to name a few. Shop around for the best price and definitely check up on the company or you might find your accommodations less than desirable. Once you get in the water though, expect to be awed by teeming barracudas, colorful cuttlefish, and mantas.

For the eco-tourist, the options are endless. From orangutan spotting and jungle trekking in Kalimantan to Komodo Dragon watching on the shores of Komodo, options vary by budget and time frame. The orangutan population continues to dwindle every year and some of the money garnered from eco-tourism goes to support foundations and local groups that work to save them. Although the number of visitors is limited each year, tour companies can arrange a visit to the famous rainforest study area of Tanjing Putting National Park and Camp Leakey in Kalimantan (formerly Borneo). A visit to the Ministry of Forestry’s feed station might earn you the chance to interact with the orangutans directly. Accommodation and transportation are best arranged beforehand as flights can vary throughout the year. Another popular ecotourism destination is Komodo National Park which includes the three large islands of Komodo, Rinca, and Padar as well as several smaller islands. A visit to this area can be combined with a dive trip as the waters in the reserve are home to an estimated 900-1,000 marine species. The Komodo Dragons themselves, giant monitor lizards, are relatively easy to spot, but you’re guaranteed to find them safely with the help of a guide. Accommodation in the National Park is rustic, but the staff is friendly and the food is decent. Foregoing the beaches of Bali may not be easy for some, but the treasures of the other Indonesian islands are not to be missed.



Since ancient past, brides have made their wedding gowns an extraordinary and delicate prop to go well with their sacred event and make themselves as stunning as princesses. Wedding clothing has been there for as long as weddings have, but the wedding gowns that we see today are quite a recent creation. Marriages among the nobility were of high political importance in the medieval times and were usually done to build alliance between the ruling classes of countries amidst the never-ending wars, border conflicts and trade disputes. As such, it made sense for a bride of noble background to look glorious on her wedding day, in order to advocate the esteem of her tribe or country and impress the groom’s family.

The first wedding gown ever recorded in history was that worn by Princess Philippa at her marriage to Erik of Denmark in year 1406. Unlike the white gowns that we see today, gowns that time were of posh materials such as velvet and silk, decorated with precious gems, sapphires, pearls and gold. Dresses could be in red, purple and even black, as long as they were beautiful, and were usually full gathered skirts, very long trains and floor-sweeping sleeves. As only the rich nobles could afford expensive red, purple and black dyes, the colors of the gowns were rich in hues. Some wedding gowns were so heavily laden that the bride has to be carried into the church by attendants. It was more of political reasons rather than love for pre-arranged weddings among the nobility. The bride’s look on that big day reflected directly on her family, so no expense was spared on her gowns to ensure she looked rich and glamorous.

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On the other hand, commoner brides wore gowns in greens or blues. Wedding was still considered as an important event for them and they would try to dress themselves as formal as possible. They would usually copy the gown designs of the royal weddings using cheaper fabrics. Blue, not white, was considered then as the symbol of purity in the middle ages. Thus, during those periods, brides and grooms wore blue ribbons at wedding ceremonies.

Although white gown is a recent invention, there were historical instances where white bridal gowns were worn in the medieval times. Princess Phillipa, daughter of King Henry IV, wore a tunic and mantle of white satin, rimed with velvet and ermine, at her royal marriage in 1406. In 1499, Anne of Brittany married in white and in 1527, Marguerite of Valois wore in a white ermine covered with a blue coat. In AD 1613, Elizabeth of Bohemia and her maids were robed in white and silver tissues at her wedding. Her gown was sewn with silvers, diamonds and gold, costing her king dad (James I of England and Scotland) a huge fortune.

Bridal white has now being widely considered as the conventional color of wedding gown. Although brides can still wear gowns in different colors, white is now set as the standard color of choice for weddings and has continued ever since. The choice of using white as the standard gown color was largely caused by the marriage of Queen Victoria at her marriage to her cousin Albert of Saxe-Coburg in AD 1840. Prior to her reign, brides normally wore contemporary fashions and colors. Their gowns were usually simple and not heavily embroidered. Quite often the case, the veil was made the most elaborate piece of their entire wedding outfit. Most brides wore blue gowns as it was still considered as the symbol of purity during that period. The Queen’s wedding changed all that and since then, white becomes the symbol of purity and innocence. At her grand wedding, Queen Victoria wore a fairly simple white satin gown decorated with orange flourish wreath headdress, with lace veil and eighteen-foot train, carried over her arm. Since then, white becomes the most appropriate color for wedding gowns and is the customary color for any wedding as a crest for purity and innocence.

Another major impact on wedding gowns is the industrial revolution. With the arrival of big department stores, women could then realize their dreams of wearing cheaper dresses for their weddings. With greater accessibility to fabrics and designs, prices of gowns dropped and no longer the preserve of the very rich. In present modern days, we are usually too busy to put attention on romance and elegance. Weddings give a rare opportunity for us to transform ourselves from daily casual attires into glamorous princesses. With women becoming more independent and marrying at older age, modern-day brides tend to eclectically presume their own custom look and feel.



Many young women in their late teens wonder what age to begin using anti-aging products? Most people consider themselves too young to use anti wrinkle creams and anti-aging products. However, there are no rules or limitations to use anti wrinkle creams at any particular age. Anti-aging products can be used at any age. Even before you notice the first wrinkle on your skin, you can start taking steps to fight aging by integrating anti-aging wrinkle creams in your skin care routine.

Occurrence of Early Wrinkles

Young women in their early twenties can use anti-aging wrinkle creams, if they experience dry skin and are already showing a few fine lines. Sometimes, genetic inheritance plays an important part for the occurrence of early wrinkles. Prevention of wrinkles and proper skin care regimen should start as early as possible. Do not wait for a face full of wrinkles to start with anti-aging wrinkle creams. It is good to have an earlier skin regimen for your skin since prevention is better than cure. Moreover, the earlier you nourish your skin, the longer it will look beautiful. Consider anti-aging wrinkle creams having organic and natural ingredients.

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Simple Tips to Prevent Wrinkles

• Regular use of Sunscreens: Using sunblock or sunscreen is the best step in preventing wrinkles, age spots, freckles and other disorders to your skin caused by the sun. Use sunscreen daily on your face and all other parts of your body that is exposed to the sun. Sunscreen prevents damage of the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

• Moisturize your face: One of the biggest causes of wrinkles and sagging skin is the loss of elasticity due to dry skin. As one ages, skin begins to get dry due to loss of elasticity and moisture within the deep layers of the skin. Due to this dryness, lines begin to form in the areas of the face that show regular movements. This includes laugh lines, lines around the eyes and frown lines. Make a habit to moisturize your face daily and keep it soft and hydrated. Always use a natural organic moisturizer for your skin. Avoid using chemical based skin care products on your skin at such an early age as the chemicals can causes significant damage over years of use.

• Have a Healthy Diet: Do not get tempted to consume junk food regularly. Unhealthy and processed foods will be harmful for your skin in the long run. Always try to have healthy food rich in fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are good for your skin and fight free radicals that damage your skin.

• Use USDA Organic Certified Anti-aging Wrinkle Creams: Select an anti-aging product or anti wrinkle cream that contains vitamin E, Vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidants, green tea extract, omega fatty acids and other important organic and natural ingredients. Applying anti wrinkle creams with natural ingredients will ensure that your skin stays young-looking for a longer period of time. Using anti aging creams on a daily basis helps in the reduction of fine lines and prevents the further formation of wrinkles. Do not forget to check the anti wrinkle creams and other skin care products for the “USDA Organic” certified seal on the packaging. This seal ensures that you are using a totally natural product, which is free from any harmful chemicals and all the added ingredients are tested for being 100% natural and no pesticides were used on the raw materials.



As people begin to realize the opportunities that exist within the Asian business today, more and more people want to learn business Chinese. Fluency not only in Mandarin Chinese, but in the language of business allows speakers an almost immediate entry into a lucrative and exciting world that is closed off to so many. Those who learn business Chinese equip themselves with the skill that is much in demand and very rare.

It’s important to remember that business Chinese is really just an extension of Mandarin Chinese. There is no secret code that allows you to access the business language of Mandarin while bypassing the basic grammar and vocabulary. Although you might prefer to learn the words for “company” and “merger”, you don’t want to get lost when a Mandarin speaker asks you if you have already had lunch today.

Make sure that you learn conversational Chinese first. Place an emphasis on the more formal words that others might pass over. You will want to be able to address people using as formal form as possible. Try to build a balanced vocabulary that is comprehensive enough to cover any variety of the simple topics that might come up. Also, make sure that you have the language to express who you are and what you do. Include vocabulary that concerns your hobbies and interests, especially if they are something that might be valuable for business, like golf.

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There are a number of ways to learn the Chinese language, but by emphasizing conversational Chinese you will be able to improve your accent and sentence structure. Even if you have no immediate intention to learn business Chinese, having good conversational Chinese skills will impress people and make them feel more comfortable around you. When Chinese speakers are not constantly struggling to understand your accident and phrasing, you are already fluent in their books.

Once you have mastered basic conversational Chinese opportunities open up to you to expand your vocabulary into business Chinese. Again, try to find programs or tutorials that will help you emphasize the conversational. Although at a later time might find great benefit in reading books about business Chinese, don’t rush to that point. It is more valuable to you to learn business Chinese that you can use in a conversation. Just as English has its own words for specific business concepts, Chinese has a lexicon of business terminology that will take you more than enough time to learn.

The opportunities are great for those who decide to learn business Chinese. It takes a little time and helps if you already have a business background, but it is possible for anyone. All you need to do is keep a solid focus you can on your goals, said a learning schedule that you can keep, and find opportunities to speak to native speakers. In less time than you think you will be able to speak business Chinese.



Shipping containers are generally storage containers made from hard steel materials and rectangular in shape and are being used to contain goods for shipping purposes. These are a great necessity if we want to have temporary storage for our goods as it can protect them from damage while transporting them to other areas particularly to other countries. Shipping containers are also available in various sizes and weights.

Whenever we are in need of shipping containers, we must also understand some of the terms that shippers generally use and there are three usual terms in this aspect. The first one is the shipper container’s rating. Rating indicates the allowable maximum weight of the container including its contents. The rating for each container must be properly monitored to avoid overloading during cargo shipping. The second term is the tare weight. This is actually the weight of the container without any load. And lastly is the payload. The payload is the total weight of all the shipping containers including their loads in a single ship.

Once we see the rating, tare weight and payload indicated on the stickers for each shipping container, we can instantly identify the weight specification of the container. Also specified on the sticker is the name of the owner and the identification codes and these are useful information especially for the people who monitor and manages the load on a cargo ship.

Classifications of Shipping Containers

There are actually two general classifications of shipping containers. There are the general purpose containers and the dry cargo containers and the latter is the standard type that the industry usually relies on. It is called the dry cargo containers because these are made to be waterproof with one door on one of its sidewalls. It can carry dry goods in bulk such as computers, shoes, rice, flour and all other goods that must be kept dry. The general purpose cargo containers, on the other hand, have two types. The first type is for the liquid load that usually includes fertilizers, chemicals, fuel and so on and the other one is the thermal container type. It can carry wet goods such as fruits, meat, vegetables and other disposable items.

If you want to have a business wherein it will involve importation and exportation of goods, you would surely need to know the terms used in shipping. You will not also run out of containers that could fit to the type of goods you would want to transport. You just contact the shipping company and specify your needs and the company will handle everything for you. Since you know now the basic information about shipping, at least you now have ideas on where your goods will be stored and how you can identify your containers while being transported.

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Significant Use and Versatilities

Not only with shipping goods that shipping containers would be most valuable. For instance you would want to move to other places especially abroad with your family and want to bring with you all your possessions including your vehicles you could rent shipping containers that are made for such purpose. You can also buy a container of your own and install it in your new backyard and use it for different purposes. Some people do make good use of their shipping containers by turning them into extra rooms, storage sheds, garage or any other purpose they could use a large and durable metal box.

Shipping containers are very versatile and they can have many uses aside from their significant use on containing and transporting our goods to different places. In some rural areas, you could see some of them in formation creating small communities and are used as homes. So with the right air conditioning system, anyone can turn a large shipping container into a solid portable home. No need for construction and building materials just to have a home and with proper documents, you can also transfer it to other places where you can be allowed to temporary settle.

Tougher and More Reliable

So some people do not only rely on shipping containers in transporting their goods as they are now becoming very essential part of homeowners’ properties and becoming reliable because they are made to be tough, properly sealed, resistant to damage and have solid locks and bolts. They can actually be used in securing properties and safer than our homes can offer. Because of their thick metal walls, they are also bulletproof and of course burglarproof. For proper maintenance, you just need to paint their exteriors so that it won’t rust easily.

So in case you want to have reliable shipping containers and want your goods to be most secured, always ask for the more solid containers to ensure protection. And if you want to have an extra portable home or a reliable storage room that is virtually safe and impenetrable, you can also order your shipping container and it will be delivered where you want it to be and that is how these containers are becoming versatile and essential to our lives.



Wedding happens only once. This is the reason lot of couples want to take photographs of the wedding event. However, pictures are not enough. To better cherish the memories, videography is a better choice. The videography captures not only the image, but as well as the emotions of the couples and their families. The videography can record all the necessary details of the wedding as well as the wedding reception. Through the video, you will be able to bring back all the significant moments of the wedding like the exchange of rings, wedding vows, marching down the aisle and many more. The joy as well as the sentiments of the wedding will all be captured. Therefore, it is just proper to hire an expert wedding videographer who can provide a professional wedding videography service.

A professional wedding videographer creates an excellent masterpiece. As you know, every wedding of today’s generation requires having a wedding videographer. It is one of the essential parts of the wedding plan. The couple takes some time to find the best videographer in town. The use of wedding videography started way back 1980s. It significantly gained its popularity with the advancement of video technology. Not all people can study videography because the hobby itself is expensive. It requires the use of expensive and bulky equipment. Aside from this, you also need to have the proper lighting and assistants to cover the wedding videos. The video will also go through editing and creating good quality copies. The improvement of the technology has allowed creating a portable video camera. As a matter of fact, the first wedding videography was created at home. It was taken by the couple’s friends. The camera shot a small film and the sound quality is poor. Because of the processes involved, the cost of creating wedding videos is actually expensive, especially if you are going to utilize the service of professional videographers.

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With the knowledge and intensive training, the wedding videographers of today are producing excellent quality video just like finesse Hollywood directors do. They use several cameras in order to get the appropriate angle. They also use on site tools to capture all the details including the conversation of the couples and the guests. In editing the footage, the videographer is conducting editing as well as highlighting the best segments, just to come up with a professional wedding videography. The videographers will convert the copy into a Blu-Ray DVD copy. The DVD is durable compared to other tools.

The wedding videography has different themes like the family history, thematic films, and music videos. There are also plain, but fantastic presentations like the plain vanilla documentary style. Most couples prefer to choose story type montage. The footage is edited with special effects, sound bites for a more dramatic arrive and other editing. The use of digital technology has made all of these possible. Producing slick videos with adequate video effects is essentially beautiful, compared to other types of wedding videography. If you are going to use the service of a wedding videographer on your wedding day, make sure that you review the samples of the past work. Of course, it is important to determine the price but this alone is not a good basis. There are a lot of things that you need to take into account. To fully understand the essence of the event, the videographer should be creative in presenting the video. Therefore, the videographer should have the talent as well as the skills. You have to discuss all the wedding details with the videographer. This is one efficient way of avoiding confusions.