Signed Sports Memorabilia – Avoiding Fake Items

To avoid the pain of purchasing fake signed sports memorabilia you must always know where you’re buying your product from and if you can obtain a refund.

There are many ways in which you can protect yourself from purchasing fake memorabilia such as these methods listed below:

Use a Legitimate Company

When purchasing memorabilia be sure that the company you are buying from has a good history of selling memorabilia, a good reputation and also make sure they are a genuine memorabilia company.

Check Company Background

To be sure the company you are purchasing signed memorabilia from is real you can check their background for any unofficial sales or any negative feedback towards the company. Also you can check if they have had any illegal signings.

Evidence of Autograph Session

On purchasing your memorabilia item one way to prove the item is authentic is to ask for photographic evidence or documents of the autograph session with dates and times which will be signed by both the memorabilia company and the celebrity.

Certificate of Authenticity

Always make sure when purchasing memorabilia that it comes with a certificate of authenticity which proves it’s a genuine signed memorabilia product. The certificate of authenticity should be signed by the company you purchased the product from.

Check Signature

To be 100% sure the signed memorabilia item you have purchased is authentic you can check the signature and compare it against the same signature from other reputable companies.

Check Condition of Product

The condition of the memorabilia product is also a way to check the product is real or fake. Signed memorabilia photos can be checked by looking at the quality of the photo and look out for any blurry colours within the photo which may decrease the value of the product in the future.


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