Spain – Not the Miracle Cure

People expect a lot from Spain and when it doesn’t always go their way, they get annoyed. Spain, mainly the Costas, is a place to escape to and leave whatever is troubling you far behind. Well, it was when you used to come on holiday. The problem when you live in Spain, and I mean once the initial honeymoon period is over, is sooner or later those troubles seem to catch people up. What I am trying to say is that, if you are unhappy in the UK, there is no way on earth that Spain will resolve this. In fact, homesickness and everyday bureaucracy could actually aggravate existing unhappiness.

Those with relationship problems seem to think that a bit of sun on their backs washed down with copious amounts of sangria is a viable alternative to Relate counselling. Before long the rows start again, the same old history is churned up and the rot returns. Yes, moving to Spain is about as successful a solution to a toxic relationship as having a baby.

If you are currently enjoying some loving in the sun with your latest squeeze, you can bet your life on it that it won’t be long before your ex is on your case chasing her unpaid maintenance and anything else that you’ve left outstanding. If you are fleeing the burden of an ageing relative hoping that a sibling will shoulder the responsibility since they won’t have anything better to do during their free time in the UK, think again. The very fact that you’ve left them behind to enjoy a carefree life in the sun is enough motivation to personally escort your old ma over to get some vitamin D into her bones too. I will recommend¬†Escorts Malaga

Another reason why people come out is they think they hate their job. After a couple of months working purely on commission and every single public holiday both Spanish and British, they soon realise that it wasn’t that bad in Blighty and that’s even the ones that get paid.

If your teenage child is getting bullied at school in the UK, then it’s probably not a good idea to plonk him or her into the local Spanish school and hope for the best. After all, children are children in any part of the world and if your child is feeling vulnerable within familiar walls then it’s a good idea to address this before hoping that a Spanish school will offer a cure.

I do not intend to be negative about Spain, it’s just sometimes people think that Spain holds for them a kind of utopia and escapism from everything that got them down in the UK and attributed to the country itself. It’s the realization that the issues still exist despite being so far away which gets people down. When you live in Spain, as you meet more and more people, you hear more and more stories to go with them. Many of them are escaping something. This can be anything as serious as a violent ex to noisy neighbors. You can’t miss the look of bliss on the newbies, proud to say that they have made it, traumatized by their UK experience and that old chestnut of they are prepared to do anything work wise.


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