The Coworking Trend – A New Way To Work

Co-working, a new pattern of office environment is a novel and fascinating trend in the world of business, something that has not only caught the fancy of professionals, both creative and technical but has also caught the imagination of many industries worldwide. People, who work from the confines of their home or are independent professionals / entrepreneurs or freelancers expected to follow standard business practices, prefer to have a professional working environment without compromising on the ease and comfort of their working environment. This fact, coupled with the need to work with like-minded people, has led to this recent and quite sought after entry of co-working office space ventures which offers fully equipped and plug & play office space to accomplish tasks efficiently.

As a result of this new found alternative approach, professionals can still enjoy their cup of coffee, but with the right set of professionals under a very cohesive and inspiring environment. Having a great environment is a basic requirement for bringing out creativity and productivity in any discipline. These workspaces offer flexibility for professionals whether it’s regarding flexible working hours for those who are on the creative side or odd hour access to their desks for those who work on offshore assignments.

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Now the question arises where and how to find a space that fulfills all or the majority of the criteria? It wouldn’t be wrong to say that one can find space in a coffee shop too. But is it a permanent solution for a regular requirement? The answer is a clear no. Co-working office space is much more than brick and mortar, a fully equipped workplace is what one gets without having to worry about arranging or paying for individual services. Technology and integration with devices forms the essence of any business environment today and a place technically reliable and compliant offers a perfect setting to work and gel in, something that cannot be achieved at home or a coffee shop.

Sharing workspace is a not always advisable and with whom one shares it with, in case one has to, can’t be ignored. Sitting in a regular coffee shop or public place, where it is not essential that the person sitting next to you is a professional, can be a big distraction. In a professional co-working environment and operationally stimulating atmosphere a professional can be assured of one aspect, enhancement of productivity in the presence of professionals from various fields, which transforms the workplace environment. The union of different mindsets when brought together can help each other in various ways.

People, who are on the lookout for an office space or professionals to work with, are usually on a shoestring budget. For them the concept of Hot-Desking is like a blessing. These co-working office space providers offer customized pay as you go terms of engagement making such a proposition both unique and affordable. Professionals pay for what they use and the terms are pretty flexible. From a list of services a space provider offers, depending upon an individual need and preference, one can avail and pay for the service that one chooses rather than paying for a non-related service which is not the case in a typical business center or commercial office space scenario. Offerings like a cafeteria, utilities, parking, air conditioning, internet browsing, hardware, lounge and conference rooms, physical security, etc. makes some of these places an optimum choice for independent professionals today.

Some of them still prefer home or coffee shops to work, avoiding the above advantages of such a professional co-working environment to work in. Without realizing that working in a public place can adversely affect their productivity as well as growth. Working from home can limit the learning process and growth potential while in a co-working office space the stimulus propels the growth prospects. Other professionals working along with them can be a big help during those phases when things go wrong or the progress becomes slow, like being there to share one’s success or provide both professional and moral support during a low phase, which is psychologically a big help to increase productivity, which one can get completely deprived of at home.


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