Tobacco industry corruption

There is no globally accepted definition of industry corruption. Basically corruption is the abuse of the bestowed power to acquire personal benefits. Corruption is now everywhere in all countries but some countries have higher level of corruption and some have lower.

The level of corruption depends on the steps that the government of the country takes to stop that corruption. The developed countries are very serious about the corruption so they taking steps to stop industry corruption.

Tobacco Industry corruption is also one of the type of the corruption. It’s basically the corruption that takes place in the tobacco industries.

The Tobacco industries are those industries that make the massive amount of the tobacco to supply in the whole country as always outside the country as an import/export trade.

So the simple formula for the under developed countries the bigger the industry more the corruption. As the tobacco industry is petty bigger so there is more corruption in it.

Now let me tell you about Codentify track and trace system. It is the system to generate the codes that is created at factory on the individual packs. First of all this system stores the secret code of the company so that all the packs can be get registered by the government.

The secret codes of the Codentify track and trace system is generated by the printer computer of the factory so the person outside the factory needs the encryption key to decrypt.

The primary purpose to create this system is central database, which is acceptable for both individuals and the government. This system helps to track illegal activity. This system keeps tracks of all the incoming material and outgoing things.

So that the government also can treat your products as recommended because you have the complete information about in it like how much products sent to the market.

So this system can definitely help to find the corruption in the tobacco industry. I will definitely suggest you to use this system.

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