Top Ten Features to Look For in an Umbrella Stroller

Most parents consider an umbrella stroller to be a cheap stroller to use every once in a while. Today’s umbrella strollers offer new advances in technology to make the ride comfortable for baby and mom or dad. Below are some features to look for when selecting the top umbrella stroller.

1. Easy to fold. Umbrella strollers are made to easily fold, sometimes with one hand. They fold compactly, making them easy to carry and transport when not in use. The easy fold is perfect for the mom on-the-go with hands full of diaper bags and toys. One quick motion and the stroller is folded and ready to go.

2. Easy to transport. Since the umbrella stroller folds so compactly, it is easy to store. An umbrella stroller can easily be stored in a closet or car trunk when not in use. This makes an umbrella stroller the perfect stroller to take on trips to grandma’s house or on a day of shopping. Just fold and toss the stroller in the trunk, and away you go.

3. Lightweight. The best part of the umbrella stroller is that it is lightweight. When out for a day of shopping or running errands, getting the umbrella stroller in and out of the car is a cinch because they weigh anywhere from 9-16 lbs. Once folded compactly, tossing the stroller in the trunk is easy because of the light weight.

4. Sturdy design. Umbrella strollers available today are made with sturdiness and durability in mind. Many hold children up to 55 pounds and offer all wheel spring suspension. Made from aluminum, the base of the strollers offer a light weight structure that is strong and lasts the test of time.

5. Safety. Umbrella strollers offer safety while children are strolling along. 5 point safety harnesses are included on many designs and offer the support children need. The safety harness keeps children in a seated position and alleviates them from getting out. Most safety harnesses are child proof, insuring a child cannot let them self out during a stroll.

6. Adjustability. In order for baby to be comfortable, the correct seating position must be achieved. Many umbrella strollers available today offer adjustable back recline and footrest length. This way, as a child grows, the new style umbrella stroller can grow with them and keep them comfortable for the ride.

7. Comfort. Along with adjustable back recline and footrest length, many umbrella strollers offer accessories for added comfort. Features like padded headrests, padded shoulder straps and comfortable safety harnesses are all accessories available for several models of umbrella strollers.

8. Storage. Many of the older umbrella strollers did not include a storage basket. Today’s umbrella strollers have added this feature, giving parents a place to store diaper bags, toys or shopping bags while on the go.

9. Security. Every parent wants to see their child while strolling along. When adding most canopies, this can be difficult. The feature to look for is a peek a boo window on the top of the canopy. This allows mom or dad to look down and see that their child is safely enjoying the ride.

10. Styles. Umbrella strollers have come a long way from their conception. Today, umbrella strollers are available in single or double strollers. For families with more than one child, the double side by side stroller is a benefit to have. Still lightweight, the side by side stroller offers mom or dad to push one stroller instead of two. They are still easy to fold and transport or store.


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