What Advantages Can You Get From uPVC Windows Compared to Conventional

The popularity of uPVC windows has risen over the past years. According to research, more than 80% of tenants and homeowners prefer this type of window over other options like wood or aluminium. If you are considering replacing your old wooden windows with those that have uPVC frames, you must know first what benefits you can get from them.

Safety and Security

It is very important that you can sleep at night knowing you and your family are safe and secure in your home. With their high standard locking mechanisms, uPVC windows can provide this to you. As uPVC is also some kind of plastic, they are not easy to break or dent. If paired with double glazing, you can be assured that your house will be highly impenetrable by burglars.

Long-lasting Durability

Another great thing about windows with uPVC frames is that they are highly durable and long-lasting. According to the Building Research Establishment or BRE of UK, this type of window can serve you for at least 35 years. They also need little to no maintenance at all unlike wooden windows or doors that need to be painted after every two years or so to keep them from rotting away.

Energy and Cost Efficient

Although more expensive that wooden windows, uPVC ones are actually quite efficient when it comes to its lifetime cost and its ability to save energy. Studies show that uPVC windows are cheaper by 30% over its entire lifetime compared to its timber alternative. As they are also quite effective in insulating your home against outside temperature, you will be able to save a lot of money meant for electricity and gas.

Environmentally Friendly

Manufacturers of uPVC windows are dedicated to ensuring that all their products are all eco-friendly. They are not just recyclable, they also help in lowering carbon emission from homes because of their ability to help save on heating and cooling needs. Because they also need less maintenance compared to wooden windows, they are also able to aid in decreasing environmental damage caused by paints, solvents and cleaning chemicals which are mostly need for the maintenance of timber frames.

Broad Choice of Styles and Colours

Over the years, the styles and colours of uPVC windows have evolved. While they were only available in white before, now they come in other colours such as cream. They also have different finishes like wood grain which looks and feel like conventional wooden windows, but with all the benefits you can get from uPVC. You can even get conservatories manufactured from uPVC, which provide all the features you can get from windows and doors made from the same material.

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