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Math Tutors

­­­We are a collection of more than 65 professors and more tutors in different fields. For this reason, one significant service we offer is math tutors. We are intentional about making even the most complex math equations make sense to you, and your professor.

Geometry Answers

We also offer Geometry answers in whatever platform that your college or school uses. Essentially, many students struggle with uploading geometry answers to Canvas or Moodle and other online platforms. This is where we put effort to make life easy.

Algebra Tutor

If you need an algebra tutor, look no further than here. Many students are irked with the complex equations presenting in letters in algebraic sentences or even plain problems. Our work is to ensure that you actually get you’re a grade as easily as possible.

Connect Math Answers

For those looking to have their math answers directly uploaded to their connect student profiles, well this is the service for you. Our math tutors are well skilled, equipped and experienced to make all your dreams come true; party as the A gets uploaded for you!

Helping With Math

There are those learners who generally need helping with math. Math is wide; we are looking at trigonometry, statistics, algebra, calculus, vector analysis, complex analysis, real analysis, discrete math etc. Whatever your problem is, we are available to offer help.

Do My Geometry Homework

For those learners who strictly just need someone to do my geometry homework, well this is for you. We have a 24/7 support chat and toll free phone number that you can submit problems to for reviewing. Our professors are both willing and able to help you.


Academic Writing Help

Our enterprise is built upon helping as many students as possible with quality Academic Writing Help. Our Money-Back-Guarantee policy assures all our clients of quality, timeliness, excellence and peace of mind. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for your quote.

Professional Data Analysis

Our professional consultants specialize in tools such as IBM SPSS, Tableau, R Studio, eViews, Scilab, SAS Base, Python programming, Microsoft Excel, Stata, Matlab, Tensor Flow, Pandas and other tools. They will help you in your data processing and inference & report writing.

Theses & Dissertation Writing

For those looking for Masters, PhD and Post-Doctoral research papers, we will help you in your theses and dissertation proposal, research, and final writing. The Strenght of the paper you get is tied to your research paper and we are here to make it beautiful.

Business Plan Writing

For those already in the marketplace and with busy schedules, then we offer business plan writing services to you. This is a reserve for business executives and entrepreneurs looking to get VenCap funding. Try us for your unicorn million dollar proposal.

Math & Statistics Help

Math and Statistics are a central part of most academic disciplines. This is why we have a specialized math department to handle all your problems and mathematical challenges. If you are a post-grad, engineering student, physics or any math major, this is for you.

Programming Assignment Help

Our team consists of highly skilled programming whizzes to handle swift jobs n PhP, Java, Python, Matlab, Rstudio, Javascript or Ruby. Allow us to guide you in writing or editing your code. Get ahead of your project or assignment as our writers do the lifting.


Term Paper Helper is a US company specializing in helping out willing students graduate. We do this by linking you up with some of the finest unemployed professors and assigning them to your projects as personal tutors. We also provide direct homework help on your college portal.

Math Tutors, Geometry Answers, Algebra Tutor, Connect Math Answers, Helping With Math
Math Tutors, Geometry Answers, Algebra Tutor, Connect Math Answers, Helping With Math
Math Tutors, Geometry Answers, Algebra Tutor, Connect Math Answers, Helping With Math

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Begin by filling our order form or chatting with a representative. Communicate all the instructions of the job and make the payment. The order phase takes only about 5 min of your time.

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Immediately you make your order, a US-born professor will be assigned your paper. They will work within the deadline to deliver the best quality of your chosen topic.

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The final step happens immediately you get an email or SMS text confirming work completion. All you need to do is download your plagiarism-free work and rate the professor.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

The Essay writing and data analysis service is purely dependent on what the student needs. For essays, all you need to do is to make your order via the online portal or chat, make the payment via Paypal or Credit card and finally have the paper delivered. The paper is delivered either as mathematical solutions, charts, essays, code or drawings.
Yes! This is an academic coaching and mentorship service as opposed to academic dishonesty. While the student can choose to research in the library from more than 1000 available books, they can also have a ready paper delivered only requiring your fine-tuning and reading in order to understand the solution offered.
Our service and company have withstood the test of time in terms of delivery of services and helping thousands of students pass their courses. The payment is done via Paypal, which makes your credit card data safe. We also have a 100% money-back-guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the service offered by our writers.
Yes! Our service ranges from delivering papers due in a few hours to those due in months. Either way, we shall deliver 100% of plagiarism free work.
We have a list of more than 65 US-based professors on call. They have an expertise in at least 125 disciplines with a guarantee of 3.85 GPA for all work done. This alone is what makes us the best writing service in the US.
If you are not satisfied with the work, then it is as simple as a refund. Remember the 100% money-back-guarantee? Well, this is the time to claim it and rightfully so.
The price charged on the paper depends on many factors. Firstly, the more cumbersome disciplines will attract higher fees, and so will papers with less time to deliver. Thirdly, PhD and Masters papers will obviously be higher priced than their College and High school counterparts. Finally, repeat clients with active referrals of other students will get an 80% discount.
Unfortunately, the job will only start when you pay. This is a quality control mechanism designed to ensure that our professors give their best only to jobs they are 100% sure will get compensated. The money-back-guarantee is however a safety net designed to keep clients from feeling fleeced.
The price we offer is fixed. It is based on the fact that we engage only highly disciplined and knowledgeable US professors. This means that their charges are premium. It is for this reason that we are able to deliver a 3.85 average GPA for every student.
No! The revisions and the formatting is part of what you are paying for in the first place. It is unethical to have you pay twice for the same job. Trust us, we cannot and will not charge for any revisions.
Yes, we have a 100% no questions asked and no contest money back guarantee specifically for this use. Feel at ease engaging us, our system and our professors, your cash is safe.
No! Cheating involves copying other peoples work and presenting t as your own. In our case, we work as tutors, guiding you to the answer to a solution that your professor expects you to tackle and work on. This is academic help and academic tutoring as opposed to cheating.
No! The paper you get from us after ordering is fresh and 100% written specifically for you and for that particular time. Even for questions that are asked by professors year after year, the copy you get after ordering on our portal is freshly researched and written using the latest data and case scenarios at the time of writing.
A standard page is 275 words long. This is a standard not just for us, but for Harvard, Purdue, Chicago and all other formatting methods acceptable in the US.
No! We do not plagiarize any work! We have a zero-plagiarism policy on all work sent through our portal. In addition to delivering originally written and plagiarism free content, we also pass 100% of the work written through Turnitin to check for any similarity index on any other material from the web.
Your paper will be available at least 30 minutes before your set deadline. Note that pricing is based on the deadline and we may not be able to push your deadlines faster without more facilitation from your end.
We are available to offer academic writing services to anyone pursuing Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Computer Science, IT, Business and basically any humanity, art, science or liberal art.
Yes! As long as the job is ongoing, feel free to share as much material as you can. While our professors have access to millions of books and at least 870 university library repositories, they might not have access to your lecture notes or specific instructions from your professor. This is exactly why you need to submit as much data as possible on an essay to make it easy to get help.
If the job is delivered late, then expect a 100% refund on your money back, a severance refund of 20% the value of the job as well as a free paper for your next assignment. But be at ease, our professors are NEVER gonna be a second late on a paper!
You will get your paper on email as well as on our portal. For those students who give us login credentials on their university portals, then the assignment will be submitted directly to the professor. Note that we have specialized VPN software that makes it easy to login and submit essays from your city.
Yes! We must ensure that the assignment is plagiarism free. We use Turnitin, Grammarly and other quality enhancement tools. This ensures that even when our able professors miss out on small details, the system will not pass the paper to you without a 0% plagiarism report and 100% grammar score on Grammarly.
The title and reference pages are not considered to be part of the work, the wording or the pages. This is the reason why the paper will only charge for the actual content of the paper.

Common Academic Discplines & Questions

One of the biggest strengths that we present as an essay service is being able to provide high quality math homework help. While everyone says they have very premium quality, our statement is actually backed by close to 65 professors including math teachers all over the US. This means that we deliver US standard quality of education to you and help your child access qualified math problem solver. The whole idea is not really to help you get an A, but to give you an in-depth understanding of the underlying concepts in math. The task of helping math students will ordinarily involve math worksheets, algebra math help, free math tools, general homework help, math problem solving and other aspects. Our task also involves grade math for junior students. If your child resides in the Delaware area and needs math home coaching and training, then we are the people. For those struggling with math homework and are in distant states, well an online call will also do! We are certainly determined to making sure that everything that you have hoped for in your child’s academic journey or in your own actually comes to fruition. Common core units in math such a trigonometry will certainly require a high quality tutor with know how help experience. You will also need someone who can help with online essays, as well as post directly to the college or high school portal. If you fee that we are the right guys to handle you algebra, math concepts, children math activities, student tutoring, and other related aspects of modern learning, feel free to contact us with an order!
Mcgraw hill connect is a learning management system that is often used by different schools to make the academic process more elaborate. If your school uses the McGraw hill connect, then we can actually give you some connect math answers. Connected mathematics projects can also be handles in the same way. Our professors will give the answers to all your online homework directly on your online learning platform. Basically, math online learning can be a difficult affair owing to the challenges of explaining complex concepts over an electronic platform. This is precisely why our tutors will go to great lengths to do the work and discuss the presented answers to you. Our knowledgeable learning online helpers will essentially just give all the hill connect math answers and make it easy for you to finish off your course. Many students often struggle with math homework or solutions if they do not have a tutor. This is why we specialize in making it easy for you to get answer key for math online. The connected mathematics will basically give a broad view of the intrigues of the complex algebra, trigonometry or other discipline’s answers. For college students, this can get complicated. For instance, the calculus at college level is basically all the calculus that’s there to learn in the world. This is why math key answers will become necessary for anybody taking the online class. If you really need a breakdown of the solutions, then step solutions will be offered either in word form or directly on the platform. The online learning platform also affects the kind of answers that your professor is looking for. This is why we have a dynamic approach to our verified solutions. So if you are there and in need of some good coaching, simply reach out to us! We’ll be glad to help with all the information regarding your assignment grade!
For those looking for a private math tutor, well, this is it. You have come to the right place, we shall help you with online math tutoring. Math homework help is an easy discipline to handle for most of our math tutors. The real challenge is always being able to find a math tutor who understands your discipline. While most services have some really commendable offers, ours gives a guarantee of quality irrespective of what area in math you seek to address. This includes but is not limited to pre-calculus, calculus, algebra, geometry among many others. Our online math tutors and private math tutors will work round the clock to give you the very best. We have a standby math tutoring center in Delaware that is used to serve walk-in clients as well as get numerous college going students to help. For those comfortable with an online math tutor, then it is very important to limit yourself to the very best math tutors, especially those handling math math major students. Any math tutor online should be able to do your math homework as well as get you an easy way into math help. The best math guy will ordinarily be a previous math major who is currently a professor at a leading college in the US. We also have an expert teaching system that allows you to attend lessons and classes online and master or learn your home math. We teach expert math free online according to your needs. For those tackling school math and are struggling to find math help then we can send you a tutor DVD directly to you.
Economics homework help ordinarily involves help with anything that is related to economics. We are looking at classical economics, as well as modern economics. In this field, we are able to help students with assignments involving supply, demand, the curves as well as the theoretical aspects of these concepts. We are also involved in some advanced aspects of the field for masters and PhD students. Whether making a thesis on health economics or a dissertation on development economics, we are the right fit for you!
There are many students who are forced to study programming as part of their majors. The issue here is that they do not have a passion for programming, neither is the skill important in their long-term career outlook. To help such students, we offer programming homework help in various languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, PhP, Python, Matlab, R, VBscript, and really any other language out there. As a student, this kind of engagement will help you to focus on the aspects of life that you love the most at campus. Accordion Sample Description
For those students into data science and machine learning, well this is it for you. We are both able and willing to offer data science homework help for you. The issue here is that you will basically just need to describe the specific aspects of the assignment, and while at it give us the expectations of the professor. Our professors will be able to interpret all this information and give you an award winning paper to present to your lecturer. Better still, all your tensor flow, python, R or other code will be properly handled. The whole idea is to make you as successful as possible with as little effort as possible.
The aspect of math homework help is not new to this platform. As you may be aware, our founding professors are math majors who reached out to other professors in other disciplines. This means that this is probably the best math homework help service that you will ever get in the US. Better still we are looking at professors who are domiciled in the US, a great consideration if you want to hack the US system of education. Whether a high scholar struggling with trigonometry assignments or a PhD researcher studying the application of Legendre transforms onto data science, we are gonna provide the perfect paper to wow your supervisors.
The aspects of calculus cuts across many fields. Calculus homework help is thus an important aspect when dealing with engineering students, math students, statistics students and virtually all kinds of students pursuing a natural science or applied science major. The idea of calculus is measuring the behavior of small changes in functions either by application of integration or differentiation. At the end of the day, calculus finds multiple uses in many real life applications. This is why we must elp you understand this concept while also getting an straight A on the tested units. Reach out to us today for this sort of help.
For statisticians, there are many aspects of learning that are complicated. We are talking about statistical programming, RStudio, conditional logic, Bayes theorem, theory of estimation, test of hypotheses, credibility theory, game theory and other complex subsets of statistics. For students looking to easily pass these units, we offer statistics homework help to ad you. The whole idea here is that not all statistics students are really statistics students. Many are just innocent researches in other fields looking to apply a few statistical concepts in order to pass. This is why we also have a special package for PhD students and Masters students trying to crack chapter 4 of their thesis or dissertation. Reach out to us for this kind of help today!
There are many programming languages that can be used to solve common statistical issues. Top on the list is obviously python and Rstudio. The whole idea here is that as long as you are a student, there will be many aspects of your course that will call you to code for an Anova table, test a certain hypothesis, apply the F test or a Chi square test etc. This is precisely why we offer the R programming homework help on our platform. We shall surely help you not just get an A, but also understand how this whole thing works. Reach out to us for a quick quote of the problem you are facing.
STATA is possibly the sturdiest non-programming platform that is used by professional data engineers to make sense of huge volumes of data. While students will often face problems involving the application of statistics, not all of them really want to go into the R language or complex models that are far removed from their professions. This is precisely why we need to have a great tool such as Stata where students are only concerned with the input variables as well as the output. We offer While this may look easy, there are students who still struggle with STATA. This is why we offer STATA assignment help to as many as are hungry for that A.
Trigonometry is the study of triangles, angles and associated geometrical models that are used to describe space. The application of trigonometry is not just in geometry or engineering but in virtually all fields. It is for this reason that this course is offered as a basic course in any math or science major degree. We offer trigonometry homework help to all students and for all levels. Whether a high scholar still trying to figure out what is a Tan X or a PhD student trying to solve for the integral of Cos^2(X)- 2(Sin^2 X –Tanh X) dx, then this is the place for you. Feel free to reach out to us for an instant quote.
For those folks asking about issues of do my geometry homework, well there is also a product for you. We are truly committed to making sure that you get as much support as possible when getting your good grades. There are many aspects of geometry that are vital to your survival in campus such as the shapes, the angles, trigonometry, and equations describing different shapes. This includes models for finding volume and area via integral and multiple integral concepts. We are here for you regarding all these issues.
Many students searching for write my essay are simply looking for someone to hold their hand and do their essay as they wait to acclimatize with the field they are studying. At custom essay writers, we offer exactly that! We will simply guide you onto what to write as well as actually do the work for you. If you are too drunk and would also prefer the assignments to be done directly on your university portal, then so be it! We shall write the essay and upload it online for you.
The homework help industry is diverse. There are those people who will offer to do your homework and get you a poor grade. At the same time, there are those who will offer to do your essays and get you a first class grade. Well, the difference is how skilled are these folks offering you this service? Well, at custom essay writers, you will meet probably some of the finest writers ever for all different fields. This is because majority of them are professional professors and tutors in their day time job.
If you want to buy college essays online, then this is it! We are willing to make the best sacrifice for you to get a perfect grade. The whole idea here is that you order for an essay, we deliver then you rate the professor assigned to you. All in all, we need to be very vigilante about who does your task as well as whether the essay is plagiarism free.
We offer homework help online to all students irrespective of the discipline and the line of study. The whole concept here is to allow you as much time as possible to play, party and do the things that are more fun at campus.
We are the people you need to talk to if you want someone to write your assignment. Our pay you to write my assignment service is open to all students from high school, college and university. We also offer very professional research help to students doing their PhD or Masters postgraduate research. Reach out to us for help on this and much more.

Write My Essay Free

There is hardly any service out there where you can have your essay written for free. There is simply no way a random person from the internet would want to target students searching for write my essay free. Like in every great thing in life, even a great essay has a price. That is precisely why we a focus only on making the best quality essay for paying students. By being an academic helper site, we are able to make this happen consistently for as many as come to us for the help.

How Many Words Is 6 Pages

 For those wondering how many words is 6 pages, well, it is simply 1650 words. As expected, the cover page and the reference pages do not count when it comes to judging the size of the paper. You should be able to calculate how many words your professor expects from you by simply multiplying the number of pages needed multiplied by 25 words per page. With little luck, you will arrive at a pretty accurate figure. All you need to do from now is to make an order.

How Long Does It Take To Write A 5 Page Paper

 A five page paper can take from a few hours to an entire month. This of course depends on how urgent your job is as well as what writing service you use. At our company, we are very committed to delivering the papers you order in under a day. This means that you can trust us with your urgent work as well as work that is on the deadline. A 5 page paper is essentially just 1375 words and when dealing with the right professor, then it will just take a few hours to ace an A anytime.

How Many Words Is 15 Pages

The amount of words in a 15 page paper is 4125 words. This is because we have to have about 275 words in every page. This is a standard practice whenever writing academic essays and papers are concerned. Custom essay writers has specialized in many aspects of writing and doing assignments for students in the United states, by assigning them US-based professors to handle their projects immediately they make the order. Kindly feel free to make an order with us.

How Many Words Is A 10 Page Paper

 A 10 page essay or paper will ordinarily be 2750 words. This arises from multiplying the standard 25 words per page by 10. In the end, we have about 2750 words excluding the cover page and the reference pages. As a standard practice, the reference pages and the cover pages do not count when taking account of the number of pages in a document.

Virtual Writing Tutor

To be able to access a virtual writing tutor, all you need to do is to contact our support team. With little luck, you’ll be able to connect to someone in about 10 minutes. The issue here is actually getting a professor available for your specific field, so some disciplines like nuclear physics, advanced math and specialized programming languages may take time to fulfill. The work of a virtual writing tutor is to do your work and send to you or simply upload it directly as a test or an assignment on your student portal.

How To Write A Research Paper Fast

 In order to be able to write a research paper fast our tutors can be available to guide you with the outline. The best way to do any paper fast is to have a wide view f the general subject. The next issue is definitely doing the research on the particular area that you need to write the essay on. With little luck, you will be able to have a presentable essay in a few hours. In the event that you cannot write the paper or essay fast enough, that’s why we actually exist. We shall be able to get you a well-written paper that is plagiarism free.

How To Write A Paper Fast

 For those wondering how to write a paper fast, well is as simple as going to the library, getting the facts and then summarize the content into something that is easy to present. The next agenda would of course be writing short notes and finally expound on each point. In the event that you have just 6 pages to write, always note that you will spend 1 page in total for the intro and the outro of your paper. The intro is the introduction, while the outro is the conclusion. The other five pages will each require about 12 sentences each, meaning you’ll want to have about 2-3 points that you can raise and defend in each page. This makes the amount of pillar points to be about 10-15.

How Long To Write A 5 Page Paper

 The amount of time to write a paper is basically dependent on who is writing and what the subject is. For many people in the academic industry and scene, this is an easy feat. However, for a newbie of a new student, this can be a tasking event. This is precisely why we offer academic writing services to you and specifically give you the freedom to have fun as you get your job done. Reach out to us via our order page and get this done. You will certainly not regret. So if you are searching for how long to write a 5 page paper, then well it could be a few hours with no effort.

Tops Papers

 There are many ways to have a Tops paper written. The most basic and simple is to simply get it done yourself. Go to the library and spend hours trying to figure out any complex issue. Then get to writing and formatting. If this is a PhD theses, it could take you forever to have this done. However, you can also engage a professional writer for this task and pay to have your paper written. With little effort, the homework help you get will be uploaded to your Canvas or Moodle platform as you party. Take a pick!

How To Write A 10 Page Paper

 There are many ways you can actually solve the question of How to write a 10 page paper. The first thing you must know is that the paper you write will be graded based on content as opposed to the quantity of the pages involved. That said, you must keep a very strict eye on the quality of the content that you write. The first thing to note is that you must have the intro, the outro and finally the body. For a 10 page paper, we are looking at a 200 page introduction, a 200 page conclusion and 2350 words in the body. Essentially, if you follow this structure, then your paper will indeed have content.

How Long Does It Take To Write A 3 Page Paper

 There are many people wondering and asking How long does it take to write a 3 page paper. Well, it depends. There are many factors at play here. We are looking at the discipline, the specific instruction, the practical assignments associated with the task as well as other nitty grities. The best and easiest way to have this done is to head to our order page and get your assignment done by real US professors. With little luck and a few bucks, you will be free to party as the homeworkdoer does everything for you.

College Essay Tutor

 We have many students out there looking for a reliable College essay tutor. Well, we are the people who do that. We are a team of US professors who make time to do assignments and homework for some of US students and guarantee them an A. Well, there are many people out there who desire to have this done but don’t know where to look. If you are already on this site, simply go to the order page and make your order today. The faster you do it the better for you. Note that we are able to handle both urgent and hard orders, and give you the freedom to rest and chill as we do the heavy lifting.

Auto Writer

 There are many ways in which a student can get their homework or complex math questions done. One of the simplest is by getting an auto writer. An auto writer is a US based professor who simply researches all your work and does it for you as you chill and party. The auto writer will also ensure that the work is submitted to your university portal and all your online exams are done in good time. You need to be in the US to actually access this service as it is offered in US standards by US professors. Get in touch with an auto writer today by chatting our support.

2 Page Essay

 A 2 page essay is an easy feat to achieve in these circles. Well, this totals to about 550 words. The whole idea of a professor giving a 2 page essay is to provoke a response from the student on a certain topic or discipline. Basically a 2 page paper is a response post that a student is required to make about the subject. For math and statistics homework, the 2 page I simply a proof or an algebraic question that the student needs to internalize and write on. This is simply why many students prefer to give us the 2 page essay to write for them as they relax in their colleges and high schools.

Writing Essays For Dummies

 Writing essays for dummies simply calls for a learner who can grasp things easily. We have the notion that many writers do not know where to start when engaging the world of writing. To begin with, we must give credit to students who understand MLA, APA, Chicago or Tarubian formatting modes. We have to be very deliberate in making this choice at the start of the essay. Once you have mastered what exactly you need to write on and the formatting mode or referencing style, simply gather your facts together from as many sources as possible. Ensure that you cite each source appropriately to guarantee a great grade. You may also choose to engage an essay writing service like us to make this happen as fast as possible.

College Essays Tutoring

 There are many students out there looking to have appropriate college essays tutoring. The essence of tutoring is to help you ace a good grade. Notice that there are many classes of students who need help in this. We are looking at students who for instance have issues with language barrier, students who are slow to understand topics or students that are forced to study minor courses that are not part of their major scope. For all these students, the easiest thing to do is to simply get a college essays tutoring service and relax as the work is done on your behalf.

5 Pages Essay

 A 5 pages essay will ordinarily consist of 1375 words at most. This comes from the fact that students will ordinarily be required to write 275 words for each page. The 5 pages essay should ideally have a problem that is solving, discussing or mulling over. The idea behind a paper solving a problem is that professors want students to possess skills that are immediately applicable to their line of training once they graduate. If you need help in the making or writing of your 5 pages essay, simply reach out to us. We shall be willing to help.

How To Write A 5 Page Essay

 There are many people who wonder how exactly to write a 5 page essay. One thing to note is that apart from the 1375 required word count, the essay also needs to have proper structured content. As a student, you should make an intro for your work. The intro is a portion of your work that discusses the idea that you will be expounding on shallowly. The introduction in your 5 page essay is then followed by a body. In the body, you will ideally bring out all the major points that are supporting your work. Finally, the conclusion will summarize the key points of your essay as well as make deductions on concepts that you were discussing.

Persuasive Speech Topics Reddit

 There are many ways of getting your hands on persuasive speech topics reddit. Ideally, Reddit as a platform will often give you very divergent views about stuff happening in very specialized niches. The whole idea of this is to allow you to choose the very best in your niche. As you choose the niche, be sure to scroll down all the possible sub-Reddits in the job. The whole idea is to have a way of drilling down in some form of menu. The better you are at scrolling the better it will be for you when identifying a discussion topic. If you don’t want to go through all that hustle, then simply get in touch with our support team. We shall allow you to order all the papers you wish to write on and deliver them on the same day.

Film Analysis Essay Example

 Many film or art students are faced with the task of getting a film analysis essay. Well, we shall be discussing film analysis essay example here. Our subject will be titanic. Well this film is about a ship that sank in the Atlantic ocean while ferrying passengers. To do the film analysis, the first thing we do is to give a plot summary. We may also give the major themes as well as discussing the major characters. The whole idea is to have the characters as the face of the analysis. With all this information, it is thus possible to analyze the set, the cast, the themes, the emotions as well as literary aspects. There is a huge difference between a literary analysis and a film analysis. A literary analysis assumes that you are responding to a literature professor about aspects such as the plot and the style. On the other hand, the film analysis will assume that you are dealing with a film professor and the theme will center on the rendition of the film, the costumes as well as the lighting and the camera motions. If you are not sure where to look when faced with such a task, simply make your order with us and US-based professors will handle your job.

How Long To Write A 10 Page Paper

 For those students wondering How Long To Write A 10 Page Paper, well, this is it. You can either take 6 hours or months. If you need to do the paper yourself and have to handle all the other courses as well your social life as a student, then it can weigh you down significantly. However, if you simply are looking for an easy way out that will guarantee your A and your high GPA, well, we are an essay service and will be glad to sort you on this matter.

5 Page Essays

 A 5 page essay is simply the best way to summarize a topic that you have a great grasp on. Essentially, it is short enough to have a summarized version of the subject matter while being long enough to have a taste of all the aspects of the subject. As students and learners, you must be able to delicately demonstrate these two factors whenever you are making a 5 page essays. You must also ensure that you have an intro, a body and a conclusion of the subject that you are writing on. This is the best way to actually structure you work. In the event that you may need help on this, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

5 Page Essay

 Any writer knows that a 5 page essay will boil down to 1375 words. However, very few actually know that this essay will have to have a structure. For starters, we know that the essay needs to have an introduction, a conclusion as well as a way to discuss the content deeply. Of the 1375 words, make sure you reserve about 200 words for the introduction while leaving another 200 for the conclusion. The rest of the 975 words must actually discuss the subject matter. In our view, do not attempt to discuss more than 12 major points in a 5 page paper. Discussing more than this will lead to poor supporting of your points, while discussing less than this will cause you to be extra repetitive.

How Long Does It Take To Write A 4 Page Paper

 For those wondering how long does it take to write a 4 page paper, well you can take either a few hours or an entire year. It really depends on how good you are at the subject, as well as how much time you are willing to commit to the aspect to make it work. From our point of view, we have a series of more than 65 American professors on call, covering most of the common units and courses offered at US universities. This means that it may take us just a few hours to complete your 4 page paper while still giving you an A.

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 For those wondering about how many words is a 12 page paper, well it is 3300. This comes from the fact that we have about 275 words for every page. Remember that for academic papers, the cover page and the abstract do not really count as part of the wording. The reference page does not also count. So to answer your question, the ideal 12 page paper will most certainly be having about 3500 words. However, the 200 will not count.

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 There are many moving parts when it comes to argumentative essays. Well, let us not go to the details, but the primary thing to understand is that argumentative essays juxtapose divergent opinions about a certain topic then bring a conclusive close to the matter. For instance, when discussing whether Trump was a good or bad president, then you will bring all the good, and expound. Again, you will bring all the bad and equally expound. Finally, you will have the final say on whether you generally conclude he is good or bad. Remember that in argumentative essays. The key is actually the rebuttal nature of your ideals.

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 A 6 page paper will generally cost you about 1650 words. This is occasioned by the fact that a page is 275 words. If there is something more to be added then t will fall on a new page. A 6 page paper is thus 1650 words, excluding the citation pages, over pages and any verbatim quotes. The essence here is that all the content that actually counts has to be the author’s true words. In case you are looking for a writer to help with your 6 page essay, well we are gonna be giving you that service as soon as you express interest.

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 For those asking on how to write a 4 page essay, then this is it. You need to simply break it down into an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Since the paper, needs to have about 1100 words in total, you can reserve 200 for the introduction as well as another 200 for the conclusion. The other 700 words must have about 10 major points you discuss. If it is an argumentative or comparative essay, make the major points 5 in order to accommodate an equally long rebuttal for each point.

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