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Creative writing examples

If you want some Creative writing examples, this collection will give you some. Creative writing examples are great source of inspiration and knowledge for a person who wants to improve his or her skills in this area of the art.

Example 1:

I imagine when I die my soul is going to come out of my body, it’s going to look like a foggy smoke and then make its’ way into the sky, where different types of souls meet up. When they do meet there is one on top of another, having conversations with each other about things that are happening around them. The conversation goes on for hours and days until each soul starts realizing that there is nothing else to talk about so instead they wait patiently until something new comes along…

Example 2 :

It’s been 4 days since a tsunami hit the area. When the tsunami hit the boats were smashed to smithereens, all that was left was broken pieces. The sun is shining through the trees and onto a little girl who is running around collecting parts of the boat in order to rebuild her family’s sailboat for them to use again. Her face glows with hope as she searches through all of the pieces and puts everything back together. But no matter what she does she can’t seem to get it right so one day she gives….

Example 3

People are always asking me why I became an assassin, there is no real reason other than that I simply enjoy it. Maybe it was all those years spent playing video games, or maybe it was just my personality but whatever the case may be… I love killing people! Creative writing

Example 4

You know what they say about hindsight being twenty-twenty; well this saying does not apply to me in any way whatsoever.

This is because all I’m ever able to see is 20/20 vision when looking back at past events in my life. This includes just about every decision that has had any impact on my future and present day…

Creative writing format

Creative writing formats are many, but some of the most popular are mentioned below.

Creative writing process Creative writing takes a lot of time and patience. It is usually finished after many revisions. How to write creative nonfiction Writers need to be very careful when they pen any piece of creative non fiction because this kind of writing does not strictly follow the rules that govern how other pieces should be written, and hence one needs to be more attentive when writing them so as not to offend those who will read it later on.

Creative Writing For kids Since children’s literature has been around for quite a while, there have been numerous writers in this genre that made significant contributions – children’s books never had it so good! Articles about novels Writing articles about novels is a great way for novel enthusiasts to express their passion, and for those who just like reading a good book, to be introduced to the latest novels that are around.

Creative writing Story The first piece of advice I would give you is not to explain every little thing in your story and make it boring. When writing fiction, give yourself permission to imagine but don’t allow yourself to get carried away from reality with flights of fantasy. This will help you move on when finding ideas for stories. First day at kindergarten Many kids start their journey through school at this age. They usually spend all day in class or doing homework afterwards; they barely have any time for anything else!

Creative writing skills

Creative writing skills are necessary in your school essays, term papers, dissertations or any other written documents that require students to show their writing skills. But in most cases, you are not even aware of the fact whether you have creative writing skills at all. In fact, everybody has creative writing skills; it is just a matter of using these skills in your assignments. It is often necessary for students to learn how to write creatively and that’s why there are many online creative writing helpers available on the internet today.

Online creative writers

Writing services offered by various online websites can help you enhance your writing style and provide you with the opportunity to express your feelings through writing assignments in an innovative way . If you are taking English language courses or simply want to make sure that you can use effective language tools in your essays and short stories, using one of the free academic writing guides is a good idea . It does not matter whether you are a high school student or college freshman, these tips can help you write creative papers that will surely get you good grades.

Creative writing examples

There are numerous creative writing examples available on the internet today. You can find them by browsing online educational websites offering informative articles on how to use effective language techniques for different kinds of essay assignments . These resources include useful tips explaining how to start off with establishing an interesting narrative tone in your works.

Creative writing techniques

Creative writing techniques are many , but not all of them are equally useful. However, it takes a lot of work to invent and develop your own techniques. So why not have those already developed and tested by other artists? Here’s some good places to start:

Creative writing help services of In this article we’ll try to outline various ideas about creative writing that might be helpful in your attempt to make up a story or novel idea. We’ll also discuss ways you can learn new techniques for putting thoughts into words: how to write creatively , especially when what you really want is the freedom actually write . Creative writing help may come from books on how to do it better, classes from writers groups or something else entirely – like taking dance lessons while writing a novel.

Creative writing help services of

If you don’t get writing ideas, try these: Creative writing Help is not limited to learning techniques for ways to write story lines and develop plots , or how to put words together in interesting ways . What about getting an idea for the story itself? That may need more than just creative writing techniques – maybe something as simple as clearing your head (or doing some research) to think up a good topic.

Creative writing tips for beginners

Are you looking for useful tips on creative writing? Here are a few points to start with.

Creative writing is challenging, but it can be fun too. What makes it so much fun is that every piece of work has the potential to be something unique. It’s your choice! Once you choose the concept or idea of your story, you’re ready to move on to the important part; developing an appropriate plot line and characters for your story.

A good way to do this is by brainstorming, which entails just sitting down and letting ideas pour out of you without thinking about whether they’re “right” or not. Write whatever comes into your head at any particular moment in time, and don’t worry about structure or grammar. You can edit that out later.

Note that constructive criticism can be a great tool to let you know whether or not your ideas are good ones, and whether it’s worth continuing with them or not. However, if you’re receiving feedback from someone whose creativity isn’t as honed as yours is, they may think that just because an idea is “better” than the others, it’s more likely to work well in your story, when really all you need is some inspiration to push you in the right direction.

Let other people hear about your creative writing concepts too! You’ll get lots of suggestions and they can even become fans! This will also help build confidence in yourself for future projects. It’s important to come up with characters who feel real and aren’t just stereotypes.

If you have a great idea for a character, but don’t really know what to do with it, give them some flaws! Make the reader feel sympathy or empathy towards them. Perhaps they’re not exactly the nicest person in the world but we can relate to their feelings or understand where they’re coming from. Other times people may be otherworldly creatures like elves or pixies, so there are no limitations to who your characters can be. Just make sure that they interact well with each other and work within the confines of your plot line!

Creative writing is all about letting your imagination flow freely. Whether you prefer the written word, music, art or film (or some combination of these), you can bring it all together into one fantastic package.

Don’t be afraid to show your creative writing work off! You’ll get feedback from people who, unlike yourself, may not always be obsessed with the smallest of details like spelling or grammar and these are often great ways to improve your writing skills themselves. Obviously you should pay close attention to any constructive criticism given because that’s what will help make your stories better in the future.

Features of creative writing

Features of creative writing include the development of fictional characters and the events taking place in a fictional world.

Creative writing is fulfilling because its offers an opportunity to bring people into a good story from your imagination. Creative writing can help you to realize the most important elements of literature such as character, theme, plot structure and conflict. You can practice creative writing for fun or you can take it more seriously as a serious craft that will require discipline and hard work. If you choose to pursue this craft then make sure to write something that has value for others with whom you share your common experiences in life. Practice makes perfect when it comes to developing skills as a creative writer so be prepared for rejection but do not let rejections get the best of you.

How to write a creative story

How to write a creative story :

If you are one of the people, who want to develop his or her creative writing skills, then you need to remember that it is not going to be a walk in the park. There will be some time where you may feel like quitting and giving up this new venture. But if you have true passion for creativity, then nothing can stop you from exploring it further. Here are some tips that will help you in your endeavors:

1. Read stories written by other authors.

If you are passionate about reading stories in your leisure time, then it will be a great help for your writing aspirations. You can get some good ideas from the story plots and characters created by other authors. You can use those ideas to develop your own creative writing skills.

2. Go for a course in creative writing or attend seminars and workshops on the subject.

There, you’ll meet people who will guide and motivate you to develop your own unique method of story telling. If possible keep notes of all the interesting techniques and tricks used by other writers, which may come handy at some point during your journey into non-traditional fiction writing .

3. When starting off with new style of writing, try keeping away from any preconceived notions.

Just let yourself go free when creating fictional characters – especially main characters in the story. Take a look at some of the successful book series’ authors like J.K Rowling has created Harry Potter. Get to know who he is, what kind of family background he has, his likes and dislikes etc so that you can develop yourself as a writer and create your own unique style of writing .

4. Just go for it!

As they say – fail fast and succeed sooner! If you are unsure about how your character is coming out or if it’s progressing well, then ask others to read it for grammar mistakes and other obvious errors but don’t rely on their opinions too much because they may not be able to express themselves properly due to lack of creativity in them. Make sure that you discuss any criticism on the story flowing and what changes you intend to make in your next draft.

5. Always remember that great idea can come from anywhere.

At any time when you least expect it, a great idea will fall, so never leave a pen and some paper behind as inspiration might suddenly hit you and if you are prepared, then your creative writing skills can be developed in a mere moment.

6. Always remember that there is always something new to learn.

Creativity and story telling no matter how experienced you think you are is always changing. So, make sure that you read on various resources on the subject regularly .

7. Take your time to explore and identify different ways of expressing emotion and thought using words .

Use metaphors , similes etc creatively . Research various techniques used by other writers while storytelling like for example keep a list containing 5-10 strong verbs that can enhance the action sequences depending on what type of fiction you are working on – Action/romance/ horror/mystery etc..

Types of creative writing

There are several types of creative writing. What are they?

Movies, plays and television shows are the most common forms of creative writing. It’s what we generally consider when we think about creativity in art forms. And while it is not the only form of creative writing, it is definitely major one.

Creative writing can be expressed through written word. Poetry, novels, short stories and plays are all forms of creative writing.

Creative writing can also be expressed through visual arts, such as painting and sculpture.

Another form of creative writing is music. Song lyrics, symphonies, etc., are all considered to be in the realm of creative writing.

And finally there’s a less common but still very valid type of creative writing that don’t take almost any shape at all: The spoken word or voice-over script . At times this one comes close (or even overlaps) with acting , when it’s part an actor’s performance on stage or screen.

In general though it is a different area from acting but both have something in common: They showcase someone else’s creativity . Voice over scripts for example are normally written by someone else and the actor has to make them come alive in his or her own performance. Acting on stage may be more similar to creative writing as it is mostly done from the imagination of the writer.

Finally, any form of art can be used for creative writing (whether it’s paint brush you’re using or a pen) .


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